7 ghost Towns where nobody wants to live

In the world annually are built cities from scratch. However, they may not always find people to habitarlas. Hundreds of new houses are empty waiting forever to their owners. And it is as well as the ghost towns of newly built are located in different corners of the world.

In Great.guru we wonder why they happen such things. Look what we found, the most interesting thing is waiting for you at the end of the article.

1. Kangbashi, China

China occupies the first place in the world by the amount of buildings that are built there. Annually in this country, build new cities, but, in spite of its high population density, the majority of these cities are still empty.

One of the reasons why this happens is due to the high prices of real estate. Another version says that this city is an insurance in case of a war. If the swelling cities of China were attacked by air, getting them back will come out too expensive. It will be cheaper and easier to move the surviving population to these new cities.

The ghost town China’s largest is located in the district of Ordos, where was found a large deposit of coal. In the city of Kangbashi was built thousands of dwelling houses and also all the infrastructure needed: airport functional, parks, theaters, monuments and museums.

The city was built from 2001 and was planned for a population of a million inhabitants. However, now only lives in there 2 percent of its planned capacity.

2. Cirueña, Spain

Cirueña to the early 2000’s it was a small village situated in the north of Spain. But a few years ago around it was built a city with a capacity for ten thousand people.

Here were built more than a hundred of houses and apartments, in addition to were also built restaurants, shops, swimming pools and even a golf club. However, in 2008, the global economic crisis has hampered the process of settlement.

Today in Sirueña live little more than a hundred people, but the entire infrastructure needed is functional.

However, the city is never empty, since it crosses the path for the pilgrims going to Santiago de Compostela.

3. Tianducheng, China

To the west of China is a small copy of the city of Paris called Tianducheng. It was built in the same style, there are also the champs-elysées, Notre Dame cathedral and even a small copy of the Eifel Tower with an altitude of 108 metres.

The city was built in 2007 with a capacity of 100 thousand inhabitants who want to change their style of rural life to an urban way of life.

However, currently the “Paris east” is located in a fourth of its capacity. Real estate prices are too high as in some similar places of China.

Now Tianducheng is more like a stage French and because of that, the newly married couples love this location for your photo session.

4. Kilamba, Angola

Kilamba is a new city that was built by a private corporation of China. It is located 30 kilometres from Luanda, which is the capital of the country. It was part of the election promises of the country’s president, José Eduardo dos Santos, who secured a large number of homes in the shortest time possible.

The construction of Kilamba ended in 2012, in the city were built 750 buildings of apartments with capacity for half a million people, more than 100 commercial locations and schools.

The total price of the construction is valued at 3.5 billion USD.

Despite all the efforts, the population of the city is approximately a thousand people. It turns out that in the country there is almost no middle class, the majority of the population lives in poverty, subsisting with only 2 USD per day. As a result, people can’t afford to buy an apartment even with the help of a mortgage.

5. Thames Town, China

Another ghost city in China is the so-called Thames Town, which is considered as a small copy of London. It occupies an area of only one square kilometer and consists of a capacity of ten thousand inhabitants.

Here you have your own Thames in a victorian style, a gothic church, red telephone booths, and also the monuments of Harry Potter and James Bond. The construction budget was around 800 million USD.

The peopling of this place pseudoeuropeo was hampered due to the economic crisis of 2008, which showed that the high class of the population in China, for which it was designed this city, does not exist. Very few people could live in the “London chinese” and that is why it remains a ghost town.

Currently, Thames Town as Tianducheng are simply used for the wedding in their photo sessions.

6. Masdar, United Arab Emirates

The ecological city is new to 17 kilómetors of Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates. The project is valued at 22 billion USD. At the base of the project is the concept of responsibility that is reflected in an eco-friendly environment stable in the city. This will be done thanks to the supply of energy from sources which are recyclable, minimizing emissions of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere, and a complete system for the recycling of the garbage.

The city is calculated to 50 thousand inhabitants, but now only live 300 people, most of them are students of the Institute of Science and Technology of Masdar.

Here it is forbidden to use cars, and only works for one shop, why to buy most of the goods there are to go to another city.

Despite the fact that the project almost ended, the city still sits empty. One of the reasons that hindered the settlement was the crisis ecomómica. In addition, the population used to live in a luxurious way possibly not be ready to live according to the concept of ecological responsibility in which is based this town.

7. Kijŏng-dong, North Korea

The people north Korean Kijŏng-dong is located close to a demilitarized zone and is the only location that you can see on the side of South Korea. The village was built in 1950 with the objective of promoting a high standard of living for those citizens of South Korea who wished to cross the border.

Despite the official version that the village is home to 200 families, with the help of optical modern can observe the empty houses. The light in the village is turned on always in the same parts of some buildings and at the same time. Sometimes in the village you can see the soldiers and the same women who had washed the windows since 15 years ago.

Prior to 2004 by the people rondabn speakers with texts of propaganda directed at the south. Realizing the futility of these texts, the north koreans started broadcasting at full volume the military parades for 20 hours a day. Then South Korea took reciprocal steps by placing speakers to play rock music in South Korea. When the noise became unbearable, the speakers of both sides were put out for ever.

Bonus. Naypyidaw, Myanmar.

In 2005, the government of Myanmar, unexpectedly for all the world, decided to move the capital of his country Yangon to Naypyidaw. The new capital was built in the middle of the jungle, in part depopulated of the country, occupying an area of 7.054 square kilometers. It took thousands of millions of dollars and several years of construction for the city to have a new status.

Apart from government buildings and inhabited houses in the city were built several shopping centers, hotels, golf courses, sports facilities, gardens and even a zoo.

The exact schedule for the move was at 6:36 in the morning according to astrologers, whose opinion is very important to the burmese. The more interesting versions say that the fear of the authorities before possible strikes were done in this schedule. The reason for the change of the capital is still a mystery.

Initially here lived members of the government. According to some rumors, they were forced to move to the new capital in a maximum delay of 48 hours, but few fulfilled the will of the authorities, that’s why for a long time Naypyidaw is found uninhabited houses and empty streets. However, after several years it became a city full of life and with an ever-growing population.

What of all the cities you surprised most? Possibly you know of other ghost towns. Please share your answer in the comments!

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