7 Things that happened to me when I turned off the Internet for a week

“The mobile Internet data on your phone are over”, this was the text message that came to me when I was traveling from work on the bus, and I panicked. I didn’t have time to respond to a friend on a social network, was waiting for an important email, I was reading an article online… And, suddenly, I realized that it was very dependent on the Internet and that I did not like. So I decided to live a week without it. A shock therapy, so to speak.

The most difficult part of this experiment was to start. What I postponed for a few days until I decided to start the band-aid once… and I turned off the mobile Internet and the Wifi of my smartphone. That night, I went to bed with the feeling that in the morning would you begin a trip great. Surprisingly, that was exactly what happened: this week, my life has changed a lot.

Day 1. I realized how strong was the custom

6:35 — I turn off the alarm, and the first thing I do to stay awhile longer in bed, is to go to Instagram. I don’t remember right away that now I can not do it, and reluctantly I get out of bed.

8:15 — I was ready to leave for work half an hour before, because I do not distracted by incoming notifications and seeing the wall of the social networks. But the hand took the smartphone is the habit of at least about 100 times.

13:45 — because now I do not receive the notifications of the chat working, I do not understand what they are laughing all the time by my colleagues. I notice that our communication at work is, as a cyborg, in a 50% message and 50% of actual conversations. “Yes”, just answer a colleague to another after reading your proposal in the network. “You write it”, ends the discussion with another colleague.

18:35 — as I travel on public transport, instead of looking at the social networks, I read one Hundred years of solitude, a book that I wanted to start from a long time ago, but never had time.

21:25 — it is strange, but charging the phone is still at 70%.

Day 2. The test of boredom

8:00 — I watch the weather forecast on the phone, and I realize that for that you also need the use of the Internet. I try to determine the temperature by the clothes of passers-by. I give up, I’m going to ask the accurate forecast for a neighbor.

13:14 — and my colleagues have to explain everything twice, beginning with the words “we have Already discussed in the chat what…”, “Ignacio responded to the proposal on cooperation…”

14:35 — during the lunch hour, I really want to look at, as usual the social networks, to see who walks in what.

20:00 — I get bored at home. I can’t see a series or a movie because I don’t have a tv. By the time I do not want to continue reading the book. To kill the boredom, I begin to write the thesis so long ago it asks for my attention.

22:45 — the load of the phone is 56%.

Day 3. A working day of 8 hours is more than enough

7:30 — it’s amazing, but true: if I’m not a distraction with social networks, and choice of video to view during the breakfast, I can sleep an hour more.

15:00 — I really need to my favorite music. I had to have me in charge of the topic before you begin, and have downloaded to my phone. While I’m looking for in the network the data that I need for work, I visit the sinful thought of downloading a couple of songs, since I’m here. But, after taking a deep breath, change of opinion.

17:30 — it turns out that I get to do a lot more work if I didn’t have a distraction with social networks and text messages.

19:15 — having suffered from boredom the night before, I decide to go to different events in the city. Today I attended a conference on art of the second half of the TWENTIETH century.

Day 4. How is to be without social networks

12:16 — I just realized that I have several days without checking email, and I don’t know anything about what has happened in the world. And the world, in principle, has not changed too much. I only had to ask colleagues about who won the Oscar. Clear that I wanted to see the selection of the best dresses of the ceremony, but I’m resisting.

22:30 — again, not to stay at home (it turned out that after work I just wanted to get there by the Internet), I arranged to see me with a friend that never had time to visit. We chatted for a few hours, and I’m going back home very happy.

23:15 — because I’m not so happy. The metro station was closed, and I got the notification about it on the phone, as usual. Irritated, I go to the bus stop, thinking of how to arrange the return.

Day 5. I started to communicate much, much more

16:48 — I no longer write to my friends, I call them. It is unexpectedly pleasant. Instead of writing a message to a dry friend, I called him and we talked for 40 minutes. It was much more interesting to hear your story about your trip to the mountains that just view the photos on your profile.

22:30one Hundred years of solitude caught me seriously.

Day 6. I started to feel the taste of the food

12:35 — went to another conference about art and I realized that I had left my phone at home. But, in reality, not needed so much.

16:45 — I walked for a long time through the city, looking out at the buildings next to the step running all day. It turned out that close to my house had opened a small bakery with only two tables and three chairs, but has a few croissants incredibly rich. When I asked for the second, hamacando a leg up in the air, I thought that before I couldn’t have stayed there for 20 minutes, and just eat a croissant and drink coffee, without looking at new pictures, read the latest news or to control the discounts on the shoes. It seems that I’m in recovery.

21:30 — I have finished several new pages of my thesis during this week to send to my scientific adviser. Not what I send in, I need Internet.

Day 7. Meeting with friends

11:30 — I found a recipe book on a shelf of my library. I shook my dust, and I started to cook a cake. Today I have visits.

12:45 — the carrot cake was very beautiful. I took a photo, of course, but I could not upload it.

21:30 — today, we talked a lot about my experiment with my friends, but we spend more time laughing and eating the cake made with the recipe from a cookbook long forgotten.

Day 8. The test of Internet

8:30 — I take the phone and I feel an amazing thrill. Now, at this very instant, I will rain down a flurry of messages not replied to, news, articles, comments, “likes” and “reposts”. I close my eyes and think: “what if best not what do I do?”.

I turn on the Wifi of the phone and I almost burst out laughing. Yes, there are many messages without answer, but mostly are messages of chats friends. I haven’t missed anything of the life of the people that matter to me because we met yesterday and we talked about everything. I missed a couple of important news, but my colleagues had told me about them at work. Someone sent me some funny pictures by private message. In the end, it seems that the Internet is not noticed too much my absence in him. But I have noticed a lot of his absence. Now I have a lot of free time which, as has been shown, can take advantage pretty well: go to a conference, take a stroll through the city, meet with friends, read a book long forgotten. In general, it turns out that the Internet is fine without me and I without him I am even better.

Day 15. Life after the experiment

15:30 — now I have a special application that monitors how much time I spend on social networks, and I “challenge” if I exceed the limit of half-hour set. Not always succeed, but I find it increasingly easy to turn off the phone while you work, talk with a friend or I’m eating dinner.

19:15 — I’m going on a date with the man that I met in the bus during the experiment for a week. In place of the screen of the phone, I looked around me and our eyes crossed. Then they were crossed again, because there were not too many places to look. And then, they crossed over again. My experiment was an excellent topic for the first conversation, and the calls, a good substitute of the communication by instant messengers. No need to say that the experiment was a success!

Alena Sofronova for Great.guru

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