7 Elements of masculine dressing of winter that irritate women (And how to replace them)

No matter how you look, but a well-dressed man will attract much more attention of women. And the cold season is not an obstacle at all: it is easy to learn how to dress fashionable and not freeze. But the first thing you should do is perform an inspection of your wardrobe and say goodbye to garments that have been there for too long.

Great.guru explains what are these items of clothing and how they can be replaced without losing out on warmth and comfort.

1. Fur coat

Men and skins: you may feel bad for the animals, as well as the women who will see this picture. And the coats of skins, like the jackets of the skins, are categorically incompatible with the men and become “abominable men of snows”, in the best of cases.

How to replace:

If you want to add to your wardrobe a garment stylish made of natural materials, it is better to choose a short wrap-sheep skin. But it will not save you from the cold if you travel to a nordic country: in this case, take a look at jackets with thermal insulation, parkas, or coats with fur lining, which you can use to travel even to the North Pole.

2. Socks shorts

It seems that it is enough to take a look at the first photo to understand that the cold season and ankles when discovered they are incompatible. Leave the socks shorts in your closet until the warm days, and does not provoke attacks of panic of passers-by who see your ankles.

How to replace:

There is a great variety of socks high in all colors and styles.

3. Jersey with drawings ridiculous

According to statistics, this garment insidious is hiding in the wardrobe of every man and is capable of taking different forms. Maybe it’s a cute sweater with a deer, which was the gift of last Christmas from grandma, or a jersey of skiing gray without way that you have kept since your first year in the university, or a jersey tucked into the pants which is able to add 20 years to your age.

How to replace:

We will have to leave the memories on the shelf of the closet and buy a pair of sweaters smooth and without patterns the ridiculous that will keep its shape well. Choose garments containing natural fabrics (wool, cashmere, angora). Do not purchase sweaters very thin: lose quickly your shape and emphasise the unnecessary.

4. Cap skin

How can you heat the head a cap that does not cover the ears? Unfortunately, we cannot solve this enigma, but yes that we can proclaim the fur caps as headdress most useless and devoid of style!

How to replace:

It is preferable to replace them with hats, which protect the head from rain and wind.

5. Silk scarves or scarves thick

The scarves are also capable of ruining your look. Here we have prepared another puzzle: why do some men prefer to put a silk scarf around their necks? It is unlikely that this garment have the function of warming, and definitely not you’ll look like a trendsetter with this accessory.

His opponent is the scarf plaid super thick that it attracts all the attention to the upper part of the body. It is ideal for extreme conditions, but incompatible with the urban style.

How to replace:

To create a classic look that will serve you a scarf with the addition of natural fabrics, carefully knotted around the neck (still have not invented anything better than the “knot parisian”).

6. Hiking boots

By much that you like the travel is simply impossible to use the same shoes to climb mountains and go on a romantic date. Especially strange to see these shoes in combination with the classical image.

How to replace:

If you value mainly the comfort, you choose tall boots, classic style, or sporty style (for example, Timberland or Dr. Martens), and leave your favorite boots for hiking for the next trip out of town.

7. Business suit beneath the parka

For as much as you want, a suit with a parka over will never make a good set. It looks especially bad when the jacket protrudes beneath the parka: the first thing that comes to mind is the image of a school.

How to replace:

If you use costumes, purchase a good coat: this is practically the only item of winter that fits properly. If you’re in a nordic country, then you can put a padded jacket ultra light underneath the coat (of course, it must not protrude on any side).

What other articles of the wardrobe in winter men’s agregarías to this list?

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