7 Signs of an anxiety disorder that are disguised as things harmless

Some people with an anxiety disorder to lead a normal life and not even suspect that they have something. However, the ignorance constant of the emotions and feelings may one day lead to an unfortunate result.

Great.guru shares with you this collection of symptoms that can be a signal about the presence of an anxiety disorder in humans.

Problems with sleep

When you experience a constant concern during the day, you may end up sleeping rough for the night, making the process of falling asleep is a long and stormy, or well, waking up constantly. The alteration of the sleep, even for a short period of time, it can lead to a change in the emotional state, in mindfulness and the work capacity of a person.

Need to control

It is a behavior that appears when you feel responsible for everything and everyone, when you constantly looking for culprits or the reason which occurred to one or another event. This type of people even construct the dialog in a special way: they talk more, in general, are starting first to take the floor, taking the initiative.

Concern without any reason

Unexplained pains

Habits obsessive

The people around you don’t understand

For those who surround you and for those closest to you, you become a person that no one knows what goes on in his mind, because all your emotions you keep inside of you. But you can’t always repress the thoughts and feelings, because some day you might “explode”.

Feelings of guilt, constant

One of the clearest signs of an anxiety disorder is the self-condemnation and remorse constants. You regañas and criticism to yourself, monopolizing this type of conversation in your inside most of the time. Reviewing constantly this kind of situation inside, make the person, simply, is unbearable for itself.

Illustrator Natalia Kulakova for Great.guru

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