7 Kinds of uncomfortable truths that you can not hide your loved ones

We lie to people closest to you will not because they do not respect, but because we are trying to protect them. However, there are several kinds of truths that must be told, because silence in these situations can cause big problems.

Great.guru looked to the advice of psychologists and made a list of things that are uncomfortable (from small inconveniences to serious problems), that all forms need to be told to a loved one.

1. The unpleasant odor

If a person smells bad, others treat it with disdain, but no one will know about your problem. Then, the subject may suffer for many months, and even years, without knowing why the people around you feel uncomfortable with him.

If you realize that your loved one has bad breath or, perhaps, smell like sweat, you should tell him gently that, giving you a chance to fix the problem and return the sympathy of others.

2. The excess weight

If your loved one is gaining weight quickly, it can be due to inadequate nutrition or disease. In any way, you may for a time do not realize (or deny it).

You don’t have to joke about your situation or criticize it, but you have to communicate your observations with care. Not to seem rude, you can talk to about their problem by saying: “The two of us begin to gain weight, we’re going to try to figure out why.”

3. Excessive spending

Of course, each one of us is free to decide what to spend the money. However, married people have obligations, and if one of the spouses spends all his salary on their own whims, and the other can’t accept, there’s that pose that question.

Psychologists recommend to share the financial responsibilities and discuss all big expenses together. The silence in such cases may be one of the reasons of problems later on.

4. Different interests

When people are about, either to form a new friendship or a romantic relationship, often show exaggerated interest in the hobbies of the other person, trying to share all of their hobbies. That is something quite natural.

But when the relationship becomes stronger, it is necessary to open up gradually with your loved one, showing your preferences real. Otherwise, you run the risk of living a life that is not yours, devoting all your time to things that really do not interest you.

5. Without children

We all have our own plans for life, and is not serious does not coincide with the opinion of the people close to you about our future. However, it will be more honest to talk immediately about our priorities so that no one has false hopes.

If your parents require you to get married as soon as possible, and you’re not ready for a family life, tell them. Not accept it right away, but eventually accept your position. If your partner wants to have a child and you’re not ready for that, it will be correct to tell immediately.

6. End of love

Another truth that sooner or later you will have to disclose to your partner. It is true that many people live without love, basing their union on mutual affection and respect. Perhaps, you also have to choose that future for yourself.

But if it’s not your case, there is no delay in telling a person that your feelings have changed. If you postpone the talk, knowing that yes or yes you are going to leave your current partner, you simply lose your time.

7. A serious illness

Many people, when they hear of a diagnosis seriously, try to hide that painful truth to his family until the end, for fear of making them suffer. But, according to the experts who cater daily to thousands of seriously ill people, the family and the closest friends of the patient deserve to know what is going on.

If the patient is afraid of the reaction of their loved ones, it is recommended not to do a family reunion or invite lots of people to talk to, but select a family member and a friend, give them the news and ask them to circulate it among others.

Tell us, are there any elements in the list that is hidden to your relatives?

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