8 Causes of loneliness feminine from the male perspective

Perhaps you have a friend like this: it is pretty, intelligent and educated, practically has it all. But has no luck in love. We also have friends as well, so we conducted an investigation to discover what it is that makes them lack.

Great.guru interviewed a few dozen men, and discovered why some women are kept in seclusion.

1. They look depressed

The sociologist Jess Carbino has been researching the behavior of people in the dating websites. It turned out that many of the women try to fake it faces serious, as the models on the covers of magazines, on their pictures. The girls look cold, arrogant, proud, and thoughtful.

However, men, when you choose your partner, give preference to photographs in which the women smile, are open, and even a little shy.

2. Think too much of marriage

An excessive desire for marriage can be frightening even to those men who dream of having a family. If the woman wants to go to the civil registry on the first day of the meeting, impose on the young the role of your spouse, and to then evaluate their personalities and their emotional qualities, something is not going well.

Men, on the contrary, they see a woman as his future wife only once they are convinced of the compatibility with it in all the other points.

3. Complicate things a lot

Many women tend to dramatize the facts and look for hidden thoughts where there are none. What can you do if the difference between the thought female and the male really exist? A lot of men think logically and in a coherent way, women pay more attention to the details.

We cannot completely change our consciousness and thoughts as you would like for the opposite sex. But here we can save us a bad time and not to attack their logic with statements like “I Feel like something is wrong here!”. Surely we can find the strength to avoid it, even if it is in the early stages of the relationship.

4. Don’t know how to love men

Men and women don’t always speak the same language in terms of affection. Psychologists confirm that to the representatives of the male sex it is important to feel the respect of their partner, and women value much more demonstrations of affection.

As with everything else, here it is important to respect the balance. Hugs, kisses and gestures cute your party will talk to a man about your love; admiration for their strengths and the importance of their opinion to you you say that you respect that.

5. Ask too much

The social demands towards men are higher than towards women. They should very well win to provide for their family, to be strong, smart and calmer than women. On the other hand, there are some women who do not hesitate to enumerate all the conditions and requirements that want in your potential partner, even without thinking about what they are willing to offer in return.

Even the perfect man flees to such questions. But if the woman is the trace goals and high expectations on herself, then your partner will try to adjust to it.

6. Do not take care of themselves

Many men feel that the beauty of the women is the most important of its virtues. Although the character, the intellect and the emotional qualities also play important roles when choosing a mate, appearance is the first thing to which they pay attention.

Women with style, clean, with a good posture and a nice smile, to create pleasant sensations beyond if they meet with the modern standards of beauty and fashion trends or not. In addition, the popular among women: thicken the lashes, enhanced lips and a large quantity of cosmetic only gets out to the men.

7. Living in illusions

The cartoons of Disney and romantic comedies of Hollywood about a prince on a white horse probably have ruined the lives of more than a man. The stereotypes of romantic movies are far from reality, and very few people could keep up.

This does not mean that women dreamgirls have less opportunities to find the love that’s realistic, but it’s better to dream together. The main thing is that the feelings between two people are real and accept them just as they are.

8. Decide all alone

The expression “strong and independent” has already been purchased among men a negative connotation. This is because so called women who complain of a lack of initiative, immaturity, and weakness in the men and who try to do everything themselves and control them.

The men also have their point of view and your pride, they also have a share in this relationship and expect of her understanding, and respect. The personalities are self-sufficient don’t need a commander, they need a partner.

What traits in women you’ve noticed that they do not allow them to build a happy relationship?

Illustrator Natalia Breeva for Great.guru

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