8 Tips from a former secret agent of the CIA in order to survive in extreme situations

Before, we had talked of some tricks of Clint Emmerson, a former officer of Special Services of the united States. He published a book, in which he gathered all of these tips along with the practices and instructions of survival that he learned in his 20 years of training.

Now, in Great.guru I have 8 new things revealed by the special agents and that we should all know.

1. A shelter in the snow

If you walk under a heavy snowfall and you see evergreen trees around, you can make a shelter that will keep you warm and allow you to sobrivivir to the storm.

  • Searches the tree more lush in your hand and that has a lot of branches down. Once you find it, begins to dig at the side of the trunk towards the ground. How much deeper will be the well, best.
  • Reinforces the snow of the walls of the well so that it is more dense. The green branches of the tree should go on the floor to have privacy and be able to sleep safely.

2. The seats are safer in the plane

When an agent uses any means of transport, always looking for the seats safest: those that are to the side of the exit. In a plane, are in the queue.

  • According to this study, if you’re going in business class on a plane, the probability of surviving a catastrophe is 49%. Passengers in the middle have a 56% chance, and those who go in the back to survive in a 69% of the cases.

3. How to get out of a trunk

We already saw it in the cinema many times, the most popular form of transporting a kidnapped person is inside the boot. However, in real life, there are several ways to get out of the same.

First, a lot of cars modern have a lever of emergency that is within the boot and that allows to open it from the inside. If the car is an old model, it is possible to open the latch of the lock or to exit by the folding seats in the rear (80% of cars have them).

  • In some cases, you can use the cat that you must have the most drivers in the trunk, or break the lighthouse from the inside and ask for help.

4. As you open the door the right way during a fire

It is possible that, in an emergency situation, you have to open the door with a blow to save the life of yourself or someone else. But don’t try to do it by hitting with the shoulder or impulsándote, this could hurt you.

To do this, it is necessary to hit the door with the heel in the area of the lock. You will have to use all of your weight and have the other foot well attached to the floor so as not to lose the balance. A blow right and strong, could break down the lock and open any door, even the most resistant.

5. A weapon made of newspapers for self-defense

A newspaper can become a powerful weapon to use in self-defense or of other people. For this, you have to roll the paper in the strongest form possible and then double it. After that, use tape or thread to adjust the top and bottom.

6. How to survive in the water with her hands tied

There are techniques that allow you to survive both in deep water, as in a stormy sea, even if you have hands and feet tied.

The most important thing is to control your breathing. You should not panic to be able to take a breath, the breaths have to be deep and exhalations quick.

If you’re not in deep waters, you can dive and move towards the coast with breaks. If you’re swimming upside down, stretch out so that you can lift your head above the water. Tour if you’re in a sea of chopped, this will help you to breathe well and keep moving towards the shore.

7. Disarming a person

One of the main tricks that you should master any militant of special services is to be able to disarm your opponent.

  • If you aim with a weapon and get sorted to walk forward, raise your arms and walk slower so you can zoom in to the mouth of the weapon. Then, turn sharply deflecting the opponent’s hand so that the same remains in the area of your armpit. Sosténla and with the other arm take the offender.

8. Surviving an explosion

During an explosion, it is important to be able to hide in any shelter, even if it is simple. It will be better if it is made of natural materials, so one option would be to use a fence of stone or a tree.

If you don’t have any shelter to your side, drop to the floor face down, cross your legs, open your mouth and cover your ears with your hands. This will help the blast wave and the sound will not damage your senses.

Illustrator Anna Syrovatkina for Great.guru

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