8 interesting facts about paintings and artists that you’ll love even if you don’t like the art

The art world in general never ceases to amaze us. Every time appear more and more secrets and curiosities that all fans of this theme we love. The ancient paintings hide a lot of symbolism, and in the majority of these, almost everything has a why. The painters also have some secrets that are discovered with the passage of time, and the art in general continues to change and evolve, leaving behind curious facts.

In Great.guru we have compiled for you eight interesting facts about painters and famous paintings that we believe that will surprise you.

1. Paintings with 6 fingers

Rafael was one of the artists who painted some humans with six fingers. This was due to the belief in the renaissance that people who had six fingers possessed a sixth sense, through which they could foresee the future. An example is his painting “Madonna Sistina”, in which the figure of St. Sixtus has painted a finger more.

2. The only work signed by michelangelo

The artist never signed his works because it seemed a gesture of arrogant and a little humble, in addition to throughout the world recognised their works only with them. However, the only one that signed was “The piety”, since its sculpting was attributed to another artist, and it was uncertain of its authorship, due to his young age. By this recorded with a chisel his name in the tape that crosses the chest of the sculpture.

3. The art between the olympic disciplines

From 1912 to 1948 the competitions of art were part of the Olympic Games. These competitions consisted in the creation of works that were inspired by the sport, and the categories were: painting, sculpture, literature, music and architecture. These were suppressed because it was required that the artists were professionals, something that it didn’t matter with the athletes. In the picture you can see Alfred Hajós, one of only two winners of medals both in art and in sport.

4. The attacks on the mona lisa

The mona lisa suffered terrible attacks at the Louvre, as, for example, threw a stone, and on another occasion, acid. So, it was decided to protect it with a glass armor, which protected the work of the impact of a cup in 2009.

5. Versions of “The Scream” by Munch

This famous picture of Munch has 4 versions, and a lithograph. The most emblematic is exposed in the National Gallery of Norway, and is created through a mixed media of oil and pastel on cardboard. The other two are in the Munch Museum located in Oslo, and the technique used is tempera on cardboard. The fourth belongs to a private collection, and it is not known with accuracy the technique that the artist used.

6. The full name of Picasso

Although we know the artist by a name shortened by the same, Pablo Ruiz Picasso, his full name is Pablo Diego José Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno María de los Remedios Cipriano de la Santísima Trinidad Ruiz y Picasso.

7. Couple of “American Gothic”

The characters that Grant Wood poses in one of his most famous works, converted even in an icon in the popular culture of the TWENTIETH century, are his sister and his dentist. Although the majority of the people believe that the woman that appears is the wife or daughter of the farmer.

8. The strabismus of Rembrandt

Thanks to a study conducted at the university of Harvard, on hand from phd expert in visual perception, Margaret S. Livingstone, has been able to be ascertained that the strabismus they had Rembrandt on his left eye allowed him to paint in a manner more virtuous. This disability allowed the artist to perceive the reality as a flat image, which made it much more easy to transfer it to the canvas.

Did you even know these curiosities? What draws your attention?

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