8 facts about the brain that turned out to be a real nonsense

Myths about the brain almost always hold the first position in the list of the errors of humanity. And this happens for all things related to science seem to us, in the first instance, true. This reason is the one that has weighed so we decided to debunk some of those stereotypes most common on the brain, creating a new and didactic list.

In Great.guru we believe that now is the time to discover the truth about the peculiarities and characteristics which houses the human brain. Arrojemos light on this matter.

The larger the brain, the more intelligent will be the person

Have you ever heard this fallacy? What if we compare the human brain with that of a whale, for example? The weight and the size in this question are not related to intelligence. The main secret lies in the complexity of the structure of the brain and, in this the human, simply, we don’t have rival.

The right hemisphere and the left develops differently in each person

Absolutely everything you do requires the functioning of both hemispheres at the same time. And, by the way, there is no evidence that the right hemisphere of the brain is responsible for creativity and left the analytical mindset.

This popular myth emerged in the 1970s, when a biologist, a neuroscientist and american psychologist, Roger Wolcott Sperry, discovered the cognitive differences between the hemispheres of the brain. The journalists immediately grabbed this idea and interpreted their own way. Sperry, on more than one occasion, stated that such interpretation was erroneous, but their attempts failed.

We only use 10 percent of our brain

This myth continues to spread with success, thanks to all kinds of assertions based on that the rest of the brain “non-functional” can be applied to develop different abilities superhuman. The truth is that if you need to eat, sleep, think and feel, you need all the brain. Full.

Aging leads to a deterioration of mental activity

Yes, indeed, the short-term memory and attention, with age, they just get weaker and the ability of language learning, for example, is reduced. But, at the same time, some mental skills, by contrast, do improve.

Studies have shown that older people have a vocabulary broader, and know how to use it better. And have experience in solving various problems in the past, often, they make the right decisions in the present. Scientists call it “cognitive template” (template cognitive).

The classical music helps the development of the individual

Remember: listen to symphonies does not influence an increase in iq. Studies in 1993 showed that the music of Mozart affected favorably spatial thinking in only 15 minutes. But the same experiments in the year 2010, not replicated such positive results.

The only way to make the classical music contributes to your mental skills is to study its history in detail.

Crossword puzzles develop the mental acuity

The same happens with classical music, crossword puzzles and sudoku are a great means of entertainment, but only if you like them.

Solving crossword puzzles helps to develop a single skill: the ability to solve crossword puzzles. Among more you do, the more quickly you begin to find patterns and solve the questions that are repeated frequently.

Men are better at math

The research, one after the other, showed that all the differences between the successes of male and female in math are concentrated, not in their mental capacities, but in their cultural stereotypes. This phenomenon is referred to as a kind of “threat of confirming a stereotype” and is based on the fact that the influence of prejudice on members of any social group, really, makes them less able to cope with tasks that arise.

After analyzing the results of a large number of mathematical proofs “pure” in a total of 83 countries, we have verified that the score, on average, between boys and girls, it is completely the same.

The nerve cells do not regenerate

For a long time, scientists believed that the cells of our body die constantly and are replaced by the new, while the brain are an exception to this rule. Today, however, we already know with certainty that this is not the case: the nerve cells are damaged they still have the ability to recover, therefore, we have full right to forget about this stereotype , and many others earlier. For the sake of common sense!

Illustrator Yekaterina Ragozina for Great.guru

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