8 Celebs who showed the world how to respond to teasing, and gossip in social networks

The ability to laugh at yourself is a sure sign that a person features a good sense of humor. And, often, it turns out that these profiles are additionally equipped with other type of qualities, for example, the talent.

For demostrártelo, Great.guru will today how 9 famous, in addition to do well your work, you are able to at the same time laugh at themselves with high mastery. They are unique!

Miley Cyrus

Today it is fashionable to healthy living that includes consuming wheat germ, shakes, spinach and other dishes that are healthful. And many follow this trend, with devotion, and even fervor, but Miley Cyrus is not one of them. The singer loves the pizza, so that is not inhibited at the time of eating, even in front of the cameras.

And even more: she likes to joke about his hobbies, and dining on those that are the reproach. Celebrating 22 years, the singer, instead of a cake, invited people to your party to eat a great pizza. In their official pages of social networks you can find regularly jokes about the relationship as romantic between Miley and the pizza.

Steve Harvey

In 2015, the actor is wrong with the name of the winner of the contest “Miss Universe”, which he himself presented. The public reacted with great negativity to his lack of attention and the social networks became the protagonist of various memes, the less offensive and even nasty.

Anyone could have said that the best thing you can do in such a situation is to hide and hope the world will forget you. But just 5 days later, on christmas Eve, Steve Harvey published a photo greeting with the inscription “Happy Easter to all”. The ability to laugh at himself was so appreciated that the actor was invited back to present the gala of “Miss Universe” to the next year.

Iggy Azalea

The famous Snoop Dogg joked once about Iggy, comparing it with the character of the movie “what And where are the blondes?” Remember that one of the main roles in this film was played by an african-american who wore a blonde girl, nothing seemed appealing, but whose situation was quite comical.

To many, these comparisons would impress and to them would be insulting. But Iggy, far from it, he saw in this only a good reason to laugh, and it became a good opportunity to make people laugh to their subscribers. Dressed up with a friend of the blonde of the film, he repeated one of the funniest scenes of the same: a battle dance.

Chris Pratt

We all remember the brilliant work of the actor in the movie “World Jurassic” and we look forward to its continuation. For those that don’t know, Chris Pratt, already signed the contract and began to prepare for the shoot.

A strong training and strict diets caused fans to accuse the actor of holding an excessive thinness. Chris chose not to stay silent and turn it over to the controversy. “Look at me better, my weight is normal. Zero percent fat”, wrote the actor by posting a picture of the skeleton of a dinosaur.

Jennifer Aniston

The actress showed an excellent sense of humour when she starred in a video response to the rumors popular weighing on her. In the same you can see the pregnancy that, supposedly, Jennifer was hiding to the public, children already born, one of whom turned out to be an alien, as well as their pomposidades, own a luxurious life and carefree. And even your hairstyle of worship, on which cotillea that is a wig, also appeared in this short of ironic (you can see it here).

50 Cent

This famous rapper ended up declaring bankruptcy. However, there were rumors that his situation was only a formula designed to avoid facing large bills. On this matter, Curtis Jackson, once in a while, joking on the social networks, it does so by displaying his wealth “priceless” and heating the atmosphere in the network, arousing the interest of more fans for that type of rumors and gossip. It’s divinely!

Kim Kardashian

Kim has more than 100 million subscribers and there are those who are judging this woman because of her addiction to narcissism. She perfectly knows and jokes when the opportunity arises. Thus, in one of the ads of a provider of Internet, Kim addresses the audience as follows: “you will Need the Internet to be able to see my new make-up, how to hit the ball, my dress, my vacation and, once again, my locker room.”


This british singer knows that his best weapon to defeat a bad joke is a good joke. So, after celebrating his 29th birthday, posted a picture with makeup in that it seemed to be a nice old lady. The reason of this joke were repeated allegations that she suffered from Adele, ensuring that she looked a lot older than claimed to have. And she, without complexes!

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