8 effective Ways to lose weight when you have more than 40 years

According to WebMD (application on health in general), our metabolism slows down approximately 5% for every decade of our lives after they turn 40 years of age. This means that, on average, women have to cut 100 calories from your daily diet just to stay in the same way. However, there are other, easier ways, and even surprising to burn calories, such as, for example, by lowering the heating of your home.

Great.guru has gathered 8 efficient methods to stay slim or even to lose weight when you have more than 40 years. You will see that some of these methods have been there all the time and most of them are not really very difficult and even may be even fun!

1. Do the correct exercises

With the slowdown of metabolism, it is important to not only perform your 30 minutes of cardio, but also include 4 to 5 sessions of resistance training per week. These exercises, such as, for example, clam (for the buttocks), movement of climbing stairs, crunches or abdominal exercises, bird dogs (work lower back muscles and the chest), push-ups or push-ups and others, are great to keep muscle mass healthy and to burn even more calories.

Walk at least 10,000 steps a day, is an excellent way to help your metabolism, keep you in shape and lift your mood.

2. Set realistic goals

No matter how attractive it seems to lose half of your weight in a week “with a magic diet, a pill or a belt slimming”, you will probably realize that is not realistic. In addition, even if you happen something like this, would do much more harm than good to your body.

That is why you must try to lose of 453 to 907 grams per week to avoid the physical and emotional stress associated with losing weight too fast. This lens is a healthy and achievable that will help you develop the habits of life beneficial for your health (like eating and exercising properly) and keep in shape in the long term. In addition, don’t shalt thou mar the corners of your body!

3. Get your vitamins

Our body has different needs for different periods of our lives. For women over the age of 40 years, it is essential to include calcium, vitamin B12, potassium, magnesium, vitamin D, Omega-3 and probiotics in your diet.

And should not even be something bad or unpleasant, because the potassium, for example, can be found in avocados, dried apricots and, of course, we all know that these foods have a very good taste. The calcium can be extracted from the almonds, and yogurt, in addition, the required dose of vitamin D can be obtained by simply… you to take the sun or tanning! It is not necessary to a scene so horrible, or sacrificed! Sure, as long as you use sunscreen and the exposure is not so long.

4. Stay up to date

Eat regularly must become a priority. Skipping meals wreaks havoc on your metabolism, your body receives signals to start storing calories instead of burning them and you get the opposite of what you were expecting.

And don’t forget that eating a good breakfast is essential, as it gives you the energy your body needs throughout the day, while snacks night are bad for both your stomach as well as your weight.

5. Don’t forget to rest

The “beauty sleep” is not only good for your skin, but also helps your body to remain healthy and in shape. The researchers show that sleep deprivation encourages making poor decisions in the brain (snack with junk food, stop exercising, or jumping the regularity of these). In addition, it alters the hormones of hunger and the hormone of satiety in addition to the hormones ghrelin and leptin, which means that you can eat in excess without realizing it!

So save your phone and your computer before you go to bed and try to sleep as much as you can!

6. Low heating

As surprising as that may seem, in reality it is true, the cooler temperatures help us burn fat even when we sleep. This happens because our body has to “work harder” to keep warm. Adults have 2 types of fat: the fat is “bad” and the white “good” brown. Brown fat is responsible for burning calories and generating heat. When our homes become warmer, the level of activity of our brown fat is stagnant.

Scientists advise to keep the temperature of our homes to 19 degrees. This can be a great way of losing several pounds!

7. Drink plenty of water

If you are prone to swelling, some people make the big mistake of reducing the intake of water. On the contrary, drinking plenty of water really will help you to cope with this problem, as well as to increase the amount of calories you burn.

The water also helps your body to detoxify. Drink a glass of water before a meal reduces appetite and the amount of calories that you consume. In addition, drinking cold water will help you burn off extra calories because your body will use energy to warm it up. Then the water is simply awesome, don’t you think?

8. Check your health

Sometimes, when you have more than 40 years and you are still unable to lose weight despite all the efforts, it means that your liver needs a detox or that you should take care of your thyroid. There may be other causes, of course, but these 2 factors tend to be the most common.

If this is the case, you need to work together with your doctor. For your liver, a change of lifestyle and diet could be sufficient, while the thyroid problems are more complex, but definitely worth keeping them safe.

Now you see that, although you lose weight when you have more than 40 years may seem a challenge, there are many ways that are simple and enjoyable to do so! Please share with us in the comments what methods of weight loss work better for you!

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