8 Mysteries of the history whose explanation was sought for decades, and finally was found

Signals from outer space, sounds from the bottom of the ocean, ancient statues and mysterious hieroglyphics, all of this makes us believe in the impossible, but only until you hear the explanations.

Great.guru will speak on 8 major secrets that not long ago were solved by science.

1. Signal alien “Wow!”

Mystery: in 1997, he intercepted a strange signal from the far distance of the Universe. It was so unexpected and unique that scientists simply named it “Wow!”. During all this time, we attempted to decode them, to figure out what galaxy it came from, and capture it again, but did not. For that reason, many considered that the signal came from extraterrestrials.

Explanation: an investigation of the 2017 destroyed all hopes: it turned out that the source of the signal was the hydrogen on the surface of comets 266P/Christensen and 336P/Gibbs, whose transit in the constellation Sagittarius was held on August 15, 1977, and July 27, 2017. So simple, and the mysterious signal was a natural phenomenon caused by two comets in transit.

2. Roars from the bottom of the ocean

Mystery: another strange sound coming from the bottom of the Pacific ocean. In 1997, the sensors recorded sounds of frequencies ultra-low-similar to a roar. Judging by the distance of the sound, the creature that issued it was much bigger than a blue whale. Lovers of the mythology explained that the coordinates of the source were very near the place where H. P. Lovecraft placed his fictional town called R lyeh, where the sleeping Cthulhu.

Explanation: while the criptozoólogos fantasized about the existence of a creature of large size, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) explained that a similar noise is created when a layer of ice off of Antarctica and collides with the bottom of the ocean. They even captured a second signal.

3. Huge statues of Easter island

Mystery: for almost 300 years, historians and archaeologists could not understand how in this island primitive that it lacked the necessary instruments, appeared monoliths giants, with a weight of up to 83 tons, were dragged a few miles and placed vertically.

Explanation: the ancient stone statues were not built with the help of mages, but were carved from a stone on the other side of the island and transported. The team of National Geographic showed how, with the help of team work, and simple devices, you can move a stone statue of a weight of 90 tons to a few kilometers.

4. Images of modern technologies in the temple of Seti I

Mystery: the egyptian hieroglyphics found in the temple of Seti I at Abydos, have a strange appearance. These represent something similar to a helicopter, an airship and a submarine. This finding triggered many controversies among egyptologists and archaeologists. Some of them argued that the hieroglyphs were old helicopters, submarines, and aircraft.

Explanation: recently, a historian enthusiast discovered these hieroglyphs, in fact, were the names of Seti I and Ramses II, which had been placed one above the other. Only the name of Ramses II was carved on his father after his death.

5. How do you see Banksy?

Mystery: Banksy is the pseudonym of a street artist, political activist, and a british director. He is very elusive and does not reveal your identity, that’s why his biography has been very controversial.

Explanation: recently, scientists from the Queen Mary University of London, with the help of the use of technology, profiles of offenders, reduced the circle of suspects and discovered that the real name of Banksy is Robert Banks. This is confirmed by the style of life hidden and the type of activity of the same Robert.

6. Where were the maya

Mystery: the maya are an ancient civilization with a developed writing system, art, architecture, mathematics and astronomy. This was a great and prosperous town that has unexpectedly left their cities of stone and it was, but no one knows why.

Explanation: in a study published on the website of the National Academy of Science explained that the mayans burned and cut down considerably to clear the land and use it in agriculture, but were also required so many trees for the production of building materials. Due to the rapid deforestation and droughts, the mayans had to abandon the peninsula to prevent the famine.

7. Incident of the UFO in Roswell

Mystery: in 1947, in Roswell (EE. UU.) fell for a long time it was considered a UFO. The government did not provide a satisfactory answer, so that this story became a subject of controversy and was the subject of many rumors about aliens.

Explanation: during this time, EE. UU. was in the famous cold war and the Force Area of the united States worked on the project of the balloon Mogul for the observation of the experiments soviet nuclear. One of these devices fell and exploded, causing a stir given that the project was “secret” and, as a consequence, several rumors appeared.

8. Circles in fields

Mystery: the circles on the fields is another mystery which is equated with that of the aliens. How was it that appeared? What for? Do you really people can create designs that are as complex in a single night?

Explanation: it was discovered that even the geometric shapes to more complicated fields can be created with the help of tools such as ropes, a ladder and a table of wood. The Telegraph even published the instructions of how to perform circles in a field.

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