8 Myths and truths about “súperalimentos” that show that they are better than the usual foods

The so-called “súperalimentos” are products with a high concentration of nutrients that are not found in nature and have existed on the planet for over a thousand years. But only now, in a wave of enthusiasm for a proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, athletes, vegetarians and people of healthy life have been paid attention to. Although do not forget that the term as such is not a scientist, nor a physician, but was invented by sellers as an exaggerated profit for the agency.

The “súperalimentos”, and the products that arise for their use are often prohibitively expensive. Therefore, it is more economical and correct to find a worthy replacement.

Great.guru found out if it is true that superfoods are necessary for the nutrition and if it is worth to believe in its amazing benefits.

1. Goji berries

Myth: the Goji berry, or berries tibetan long-life are a unique product that contains 5 times more vitamin C than tangerines. The regular consumption of the berries strengthens immunity, stabilizes the functioning of the heart, is able to regulate the blood pressure, removes depression, rejuvenates and helps to lose weight.

Fact: the Goji berry contain less vitamin C than black currants. And for which the agency receives the same amount of antioxidants that a red apple, you will need to take 13 servings of juice of Goji berries. In reality, there is no scientific confirmation that these berries will have a positive influence on health.

2. Chia seeds

Myth: a consumer followed by the seeds contribute to the fat burning, weight loss, mitigating the feelings of hunger, reduced cholesterol, reinstatement of the level of sugar in the blood.

Reality: of course, it is a product beneficial, however, the amount of vitamins and dietary fibers of chia seeds are not distinguishable from the seed normal of flax, and sesame. And the research showed that the consumption of chia does not reduce the weight of a person.

3. Green coffee

Myth: the green coffee contains less caffeine than normal, and chlorogenic acid that has helps you to lose weight, eliminate cellulite, improve the growth and strengthening of the hair and remove stretch marks.

4. Quinoa

Myth: quinoa is a powerful means of strengthening, she remedied the forces of the body, take out all the harmful substances, and even its frequent use helps to prevent the development of malignancies.

Reality: yes, this product is rich in proteins, almost like buckwheat. Contains dietary fibers and is a source of carbohydrates, however, contains few nutrients. At the same time, this cereal is not the most digestible. Therefore, the best alternative is to simply consume buckwheat or an extra serving of vegetables.

5. Sugar coconut

Myth: the sugar of coconut contributes to the formation of the hormone glucagon in the body, which helps to burn fat and improve the functioning of the cardiovascular system. This has a positive influence on the functioning of the heart, improves sleep quality and reduces the risk of developing cancer.

6. Spirulina

Myth: spirulina is a unique plant that can cure up to 70 per cent of the diseases known in the world today. Its regular consumption slows aging and helps you lose weight. As a source of protein, you can replace the animal protein.

Reality: in the spirulina live there are actually many useful substances, however, after processing, drying and manufacturing of capsules, all the beneficial properties are reduced by 50 percent. The researchers did not find in it elements that can influence weight loss. Spirulina contains a lot of protein, while a little less than the milk and eggs. And to address the deficiencies of proteins, you must eat more than 100 grams of spirulina a day, which is very problematic.

7. Acai berries

Myth: the Acai berries help you lose weight, fight against the envejecimeinto, depression, normalize sleep, and even kill cancer cells. The Acai berries contain more protein than chicken eggs.

Reality: there is no real research that demonstrates the benefits of the berries. Due to counterfeiting, it is difficult to find and buy real Acai berries. The fresh berries really contain many antioxidants, but after processing, the greater part is lost. At the same time, this product costs a lot of money. The blueberry usual, blackberries, and black currants contain approximately the same amount of antioxidants.

8. The carob tree

Myth: carob is powder from the fruits of the tree carob tree which is rich in antioxidants, which prolong the youth. In addition, they contribute to the reduction of appetite and cholesterol in the blood.

Fact: the caloric value of the carob tree is higher than that of cocoa powder (347 against 289 kcal in 100 grams). The rate of the blood sugar is higher, by about 40 percent. At the same time, the dark chocolate has only a 23 percent sugar. Perhaps, it is not worth to pay double and better to allow yourself a piece of bitter chocolate.

Confess, have you believed on the advertising of these miracle products?

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