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It may be that this article would damage the sensitivity of your “accumulator ” internal”, but we have a moral duty to publish it. Ever, surely, we will thank for all those shelves released in your wardrobe, which will be very nice to come back to drop new things. In the meantime, check out this list of clothing items that are completely useless.

Half of the writing Great.guru has already cleaned out all their closets.

1. Gifts that you do not like, made by your loved ones

No matter how much you want your mother, your friend, grandmother or mother-in-law, you do not have to love everything that you have given. If a scarf you’ve been given with all your love, it makes the color of your pale face as if you were sick, or that dress you got for your birthday is more like the uniform of a girl easy, there’s no reason to all of this, spoiling your mood and your image.

The main thing is to accept the gift with a smile. What you’ll do with it after is another story that has nothing to do with your attitude and feelings towards the person who you gave it to me. You can sell it in good conscience, donate it to charity or to recycle, or even throw it in the trash.

2. Outfits very solemn

If you buy dresses, skirts or suits flashy or party, you have to think that it is unlikely that you will never put a garment as well. Therefore, if you’re not willing to buy clothes for a one-time, wonders if you can rent something like that or find an outfit that is more simple that will allow you to enjoy it on more than one occasion.

And those prom dresses with a striking design, ruffles and sequins, that ever since you have become the star of the night, are worth putting for sale on those pages where people buy things second-hand, or simply throwing them away, especially if the garment was damaged during a dance or a crazy glass of wine.

3. White underwear

The white underwear is paradoxical. On the one hand, the panties and bras in white are present in the wardrobe of every woman, but, on the other, they become a pledge absolutely useless in your wardrobe. Why? Several reasons explain it.

The white garments quickly lose their new look, taking on a shade of grey or yellowish. In addition, the white underwear is very visible under any garment of light-colored or dark shades. If you don’t want to teach the whole world what you wear under your gown, opt for underwear, flesh-colored or beige, which shade approximately matches the color of your skin.

4. A recent purchase that has already been spoiled

Think No more: it hurts to much to say goodbye to the things that you’ve just placed in your wardrobe. But sometimes, life gives you surprises in the form of banks newly painted in the park, nails in unexpected places, cups, unstable coffee and naughty children. If you can’t fix the item, it would be better to assimilate it, to throw away what is newly released and to be more careful the next time.

5. Clothing that does not cause you pleasant emotions

The marketing specialist Alastair Tombs, of the Business School of the University of Queensland, says that the negative emotions related to the garments can generate in people unpleasant sensations when we we put.

The stylist Annalisa Armitage holds the same opinion. She believes that it is important to get rid of the garments that remind us of sad moments of our life. According to Annalisa, when a woman opens her closet and sees clothes that has experienced traumatic events or troublesome, this negatively affects your mood.

6. Clothes to do “dirty”

Most have a shelf in the closet in which are stored the garments with lint, holes, stains, faded and worn, or knees assigned. No matter what tasks are “dirty” are planning to do, don’t forget the self-esteem by putting “whatever”.

Advise you to draw up 2 sets of this saved clothes that you feel good and no visible defects. Otherwise, it’s better you toss to a trash container or take it to recycle. From here, best not to accumulate anything of this style.

7. Imitations and marks false

We are not a part of any police who judge the morality, so we will not talk about the consequences that implies for third parties buying knock-offs. We just want to tell you how these items can affect the psychological portrait and the behavior of its owner.

A group of scientists from american universities discovered that use of counterfeits have a disastrous effect on the image itself. By creating this false image of us, we are more likely to commit fraudulent actions, and to carry out small deceptions. In addition, we become more cynical and rely less on the people.

8. Costume jewelry old

Even the jewels of classical times not withstand the tests of time and end up going out of fashion. Then, what can we say of the jewelry that, as a general rule, is created taking into account the latest trends, which can change at the speed of light.

Once in a while, we encourage you to review with critique your jewellery and evaluate whether you can still wear them without compromising your image. If the rings or earrings you imply clearly that it is time they move on to a better life, better give these treasures to the young to find some utility in their games.

What things from the examples set forth above are willing to throw away and what not enviarías to the trash or all the money in the world?

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