8 reasons to go for the iPhone 8 in place of the XS

The launch of the iPhone XS represents the epitome of design in phones Apple: a screen tip to tip with OLED technology, its impressive dual camera and a price that many can’t pay. 🙁

That should not be impediment to be able to enjoy the smartphones of the company from Cupertino, so I propose to analyze other options. Would you be willing to buy another iPhone even if it was not the most recent?

The iPhone XS Max beats the Note 9 in one of his best qualities

If you answered yes, then I recommend you to consider iPhone 8, not only is it a good phone, maybe today will be the smartest buy in to Apple phones are concerned. Some of the reasons are the following:

1. The iPhone 8 is lighter and thinner

We know that the trend seems to indicate that smartphones tend to become larger, but in practical terms, the iPhone 8 has good size without sacrificing lightness.

iPhone 8:

  • Weight: 148 grams
  • Thickness: 7.3 mm

iPhone XS:

  • Weight: 177 grams
  • Thickness: 7.7 mm

2. Touch ID Button / Home

Sometimes when you try to improve something that was already good ends by screwing it to lose. Habemos many that we are too accustomed to the button the Home and the practidicad behind the Touch ID.

Among those who do not want to “give their faces” to the recognition system Face Apple ID and that you have realized that it is much faster to put a thumb and automatically be on the main screen (in the Face ID still have to swipe up to get to the main screen), the iPhone 8 will not have to adapt to any change unnecessary.

3. Accessories

It is true that the iPhone 8 is the fourth phone in to keep the dimensions of the iPhone 6 and that therefore it could be considered as old-fashioned. However, you can always view it as an investment, you could continue using the accessories of your older devices such as cases, sleeves or adapters.

4. Water resistant

It may not be the iPhone of last generation, but it already has integrated one of the more overlooked features of the latest models. It withstands splashes and is resistant to a meter under water.

Yes, we know well that the iPhone XS withstands of two meters, but I think that if you are even a little bit careful, a meter is more than enough.

The iPhone XS just come out and someone already threw them on concrete; guess what happened

5. Enables wireless charging

As well as the previous subsection, since the iPhone 8 we can make use of wireless charging. And even though Apple is still no alanzado yours, you can always try other brands.

Belkin forward with a dock for loading

6. The camera is almost as advanced

The iPhone 8 does not have some of the features that make the camera of the iPhone XS so spectacular. You do not have the Portrait Mode in the front-facing cameras, you do not have Animojis, Memojis or optical zoom of 2x.

Now, that’s not to say that the iPhone 8 will not have a great camera. The front has almost the same specs that brings the iPhone XS: 7 megapixels and video in HD quality 1080p. The rear: the same 12 megapixel camera, the LED True Tone flash and records video in 4k.

Improvements that has received the camera of your iPhone thanks to iOS 12

7. Same iOS

The new version for iPhones and iPads, the iOS 12, shares many of the same functions on all iPhone devices starting with the 5S. The sacrifices are only noticeable on the camera, but of rest are we talking about that both the 8 and the XS are taking advantage of the improvements of the same operating system.

People are using the iOS 12 to measure cats…

8. $$$

If we believe that the iPhone 8 you can get from 14,799 and the iPhone XS from 24,499, we’re talking about a difference of approximately 10 thousand pesos.

Here it depends on if you this amount justified or not what they are giving up between one model or another. What do you think?

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