8 Rules of the airport to take advantage before an unpleasant situation

You reserved your days for a long vacation and bought tickets for a tourist resort. But at the airport your flight is delayed, to the side of your seat you hit a passenger uncomfortable, and when you arrive it turned out that they lost your luggage. It seems like your holidays have been ruined, but it is not so.

Great.guru tells you what to do in these situations and why it’s not worth going into a panic.

Your luggage was lost

If your suitcase is not in the band of delivery of luggage, it first searches the service counter of Lost & Found. A specialist will look for your luggage immediately.

  • If your things were not loaded on the plane, the be sent on the next flight. Then you can pick up your bag or choosing a courier service for your delivery.
  • For a lost baggage, the airline is obliged to pay a compensation of an average of 20 USD per kilogram. Some companies reimburse up to € 1,200 per bag, even if it was empty. But for that the baggage is considered as lost and must spend 21 days.
  • If in your luggage you left off articles of first necessity, the airline you will buy or you will be reimbursed monetarily with around 100 USD.
  • Your luggage was not lost on any side, but the suitcase is damaged. In this case, the airline will pay the repair or the cost of the suitcase. But you have to have the ticket of the shop.
  • If your luggage was opened, then, without removing the bag from the band of delivery, call the police. They will understand what happened and receive compensation for your loss.

The flight was delayed

In the first place, search the desk of the airline company and find out why they delayed the flight. If the delay is the fault of the airline, then it will compensate for the inconvenience of the passengers up to 600 euros.

  • A delay due to bad weather conditions is not the fault of the airline and you will not have a compensation in cash. But if the wait is more than 3 hours, you have to provide food, drinks and stay at a hotel.
  • If you decide not to fly due to the delay, we will refund the money for the ticket.

Missed your flight connection

Remember: the airline should take you to your destination. Therefore, if due to a delay on the plane you arrived late to your connecting flight, then the airline must refund the price of the ticket and all subsequent connections. Or buy new tickets and get in the way.

Request that you be placed a seal, by the delay in your boarding pass. This will allow you to obtain compensation, save time and nerves. If you wait for more than 2 hours, you should be fed and sent to a break room.

If you’ve fallen ill and can’t fly

If you have an accident and you can’t fly, it is necessary to write to the help desk of the airline or tour operator. Explains the situation and confirms your words with documents. For example, if you get sick, call a doctor and get a medical certificate. In this case, you must return your money or change the date of your flight.

You lost your boarding pass

The loss of a boarding pass is not a catastrophe. If you have registered, all the data on it are stored in the system and the pass can be printed again at the registration desk.

If you lost your pass before you enter the airport, you can make a duplicate at the ticket counter of the airline in the airline terminal. But for a duplicate, the more likely it is that you have to pay. This applies only to tickets printed on paper. In the case of an electronic record, you can simply print the ticket again.

Why do we need insurance?

It is believed that the insurance when you buy your tickets it is only necessary in the event of a disaster. In reality, the insurance company also will reimburse all expenses for the delay of your flight and you will return the money in case your luggage is lost. As a rule, a delay of a flight more than 5 hours, by using the insurance you can receive compensation of up to 300 euros.

It is important to retain all tickets.

On the plane you can ask for another meal

When you buy a ticket, you can ask for free special power. In addition to the standard menu, you can ask for vegetarian food, dietary or lean. Remember your order at the register so you don’t forget your menu.

You can also ask for an extra portion. The food supply on board is usually limited, but by rule, the crew takes a couple of meals. Politely ask for a ration for subsequent flushing and the hostess probably will not deny.

You can go to the business class

For the airline it is important that you feel comfortable. If the next to you have a passenger problem, you can ask the stewardess that you change seat. If you’re polite and you have a strong foundation, then you can offer that you switch to another seat or even to another class.

So that you can enter the kind of business, you can pay at the register or directly in the approach. This amount will be much lower if from the start you bought this ticket.

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