8 Tattoos with stories that are incredibly sentimental

People love to decorate their bodies with tattoos. This is a practice of the more ancient of humanity. Some tattoos represent only an image beautiful, but others have a deeper meaning behind them.

In Great.guru made a list of 8 people who have had tattoos and have a story to tell about each one of them. Even the celebrities have stories and sentimental behind their tattoos. Look at the famous tattoo on the shoulder of Angelina Jolie!

8. Remembering a child who will never see grow up

Losing a child is a very sad fact and the loss of a fetus is just as devastating.

The mother of the little Natan never thought they would not hear his laughter or I would learn to walk or talk. Unfortunately, the child was born dead at 16 weeks. After that ended the period of mourning, his mother decided to remember him by means of a tattoo that contained his small footprints.

7. Telling your child that you’re with him in this battle

When the son of Josh Marshall, Gabriel, was diagnosed with cancer, anaplastic astrocytoma, everything that happened to the father was to support the creature in these difficult times. Gabe had a great cicatríz after the surgery, so his father decided to get a tattoo of scar as that of her son to show him that they will always be there to help you.

6. Showing your daughter that is beautiful

Honey-Rae, the daughter of Tany and Adam Phillips of England, has a strange birth mark that goes from his toes to the top of your body. It is pink and very visible. Noticing how cruel this world can be for people with differences, whether it be birth marks or any other type of alteration of the physical, her parents decided to get tattoos to play with the birthmark of Honey-Rae. They wanted to show her that she is beautiful no matter what.

5. A tribute to a son that you have lost

There are moments in which a newborn dies suddenly. This is called SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome infant). When this happens, parents are different ways to deal with the pain. This father, whose son died of SIDS, had the acoustic wave of the laughter of the small tattooed on his chest. A beautiful way to remember him.

4. Headphones game

The father of the photo above knew how to support your daughter in her struggle to be accepted by the society. Simply tattooed the hearing aid device in the head. A father’s love has no limits.

3. Last words of a mother

Losing a father or a mother is always difficult and people go from disbelief to resignation. Remember your dad or mom is finally what you have left, and Taylor Smith is tattooed the last words of his mother on his arm.

2. A tattoo of a paw print

Dogs are the best friends of the people. Some owners of the canine come to tattooing in the footsteps of their beloved pets. Look at the tattoo of Jackie Adamski, a replica of the footprint of Skunky. She wrote: “Skunky, you are a true artist! Thank you for practicing with almost 200 prints before you get the perfect”.

1. Tattoo of Angelina Jolie

The Hollywood star also has a story behind his famous tattoo of the shoulder. I used to have the name of her ex-husband, Billy Bob Thornton, who was married briefly during three years. Is it eliminated with laser and replaced it with the geographical coordinates of the places of birth of all their children.

Some people believe that tattoos are works of art, others see as self-expression. But for some of us, it is the only way to remember our loved ones or important events in our lives. If you have a tattoo like this, share it with us in the comments below.

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