9 Anti-trends from the fall that we should forget forever

Despite the fact that the fashion at times surprises with its trends and developments, the girls always try to learn something beneficial and current. But not only is it important to know what trends govern now, but also what it is today in day is considered hopelessly old-fashioned.

Great.guru made a list of garments that have already gorged on all and have lost their popularity, so that you can avoid errors and to dress comfortably and with style.

The scarves are too bulky

It is believed that scarves large that not only cover the neck but also the shoulders, make the look more cozy. But in reality they distort a lot with the proportions. Because of this accessory the top of the look is fly more bulky, especially in combination with a pair of jeans tight, skirts and small shoes. If you want to feel heat and convenience, there are methods that are more elegant to achieve this. For example, you could put on a sweatshirt with a high neck or a jacket in such a format, and under it to tie a small scarf hot. At the same time the proportion of the top and bottom will be balanced.

The tight pants of a light color

The jeans skinny is one of the most popular models among girls. We’re not going to say that these pants look good only on girls with a figure flawless, but you have to choose the colors with great responsibility. If you want the clothes to hide the flaws and highlight the advantages, and you certainly don’t want to see you visually more fat, so when choosing pants it is better to give preference to dark shades, and avoid light, especially the color white.

Clothing with embroidered flowers

In the last 2-3 years the floral embroidery was on the clothing, more different wardrobe: from jackets to underwear: this is considered as a true trend. But today she’s already bored at all. Therefore, even the designers were left to choose such items for the works recommended to give preference to clothing without embroidery. Finally, there are a multitude of types of fabric with interesting, designs, and colors to not obsess on one thing.

Coat type dress, outdoor clothing tight

The coat of this type is still current, but anyway it is worth leaving this model for the girls low, and even if this is your case not to focus on this election as the first option. Of course, due to its shape stands out dramatically at the waist and looks also very feminine. But these coats are not universal. So that you feel more comfortable and have more variety it is best to pay attention to other models: coat slim fit or straight, that are elgantes in the same way both in the combination with the jeans as with skirts and dresses.

Jackets and coats stuffed

This is also part of the recent trends that today in day is almost expires. The stuffed animal does not look serious, gives too much glamour and a look that’s very cheap. And, of course, as in the previous point, it is not a universal garment, because the clothing is selected and the wrong way can make the look aesthetically bad. The classical variant is our best option, And here the selection is very diverse: the trench coat that flows, coats of wool or tweed, the jackets of skin or what you prefer.

Large items with leopard print

Some stylists believe that the prints, animal and environmental in general are a choice failed, since such a clothing, general, it looks very flashy and not-so-elegant. But in reality, the secret is simple: everything is good if used sparingly. The blouse with a leopard print, a mini or midi skirt, tennis, and other small details of the wardrobe look with plenty of style. And large items, for example, the long skirts, the fur coat, the leggings can be quite aggressive. But in this case you can dress with taste, the most important thing is to choose a fabric dense and of high quality and the successful combination with other elements of the outfit.

Fishnet stockings

A while ago the fishnet stockings were considered to be seductive, but currently they are vulgar. In addition, it does not matter for which occasion you want to use them, because surely it is inappropriate and outdated. Are you surprised that we mentioned this topic, because the fishnet stockings were very popular some years ago? Just remember the recent trend of questionable wearing such tights under a pair of jeans broken in, and upload them literally to the navel to see. Today, that trend ceased to be current, therefore we advise to go back to the middle of a traditional tone, chosen according to your size.

Pantolones tailoring and the mix of styles

At some point the pants tailoring became very current. Well, we tried and is already. We return to the world of the various models for any event and any taste. In addition, it is currently very trendy to mix different styles in the look. And everything would be fine, but many understood this dictate of fashion in a fairly literal and began to make a bad combination of clothes. And that’s why there is a ban on this trend, but it is worth not to forget about the moderation.

Pants with zipper in the back

In large measure, this model is not bad at all, it occupied a place in the hearts of the followers of the fashion for its originality and as highlighted by many, the show of way beneficosa the rear. However, the models with a back zipper have a multitude of enemies, who believe that it looks very eye-catching, in addition to being very uncomfortable. Here you can make a pact: leave the choice to the conscience of the person. But as showed the practice, many trends that appear in an abrupt way, lost today in the same way. To the best, so it will be in this case and the majority again will return to the model, classic and unforgettable.

To conclude, I want to say: of course, tastes and preferences are different, so in no case we want to impose a certain view. Wear what you really like, with what you feel comfortable and highlight your advantages. Fashion is a thing quite fluidly, and the opinion of the designers is not always the truth in the last instance. It’s happy and pretty!

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