9 Tips for scientists that will help you to lose weight without the pesky diets

Most people, even once in her life, she tried to lose the extra weight, even if it just a couple of kilograms. However, according to the data of researchers of the Pennsylvania State University, lose weight in a serious way and to keep a slender shape only gets one of every six people. But if you meet the right way with some rules, lose the weight and retain the results can be quick and simple.

Great.guru made a collection of proven facts scientifically about things that have a positive impact on weight loss.

1. Add healthy fats to your diet

In the attempt to reduce the amount of calories, it seems reasonable to avoid products rich in fat, such as nuts, sunflower seeds, cheese and oil. However, fats are digested much faster than proteins and carbohydrates; therefore, the feeling of saturation through the consumption of similar products is here to stay.

In addition, the monounsaturated fats help the body assimilate more active vitamins and various beneficial substances: lycopene, lutein and beta-carotene.

2. Not sobrestimes the consumption of calories during the physical activity

The researchers discovered that people with excess weight during diets tend to exaggerate the amount of calories burned during sports activities in a 126 percent. As a result, will allow you to eat more, considering that they have spent a lot of energy in training.

After the activities, it is necessary to eat something, but not to exceed the limits calculated in calories. Otherwise, the effect of the loss of weight because of the sport will not work.

3. Wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly

Fruits and vegetables can be a cause of excess weight if you… washed it in the wrong way. The issue is that the pesticides present in your shell slowing down the metabolism, and can even be a cause of weight gain. These substances are intended to protect the crop from pests, but also have a considerable impact on the health of man.

Pesticides violate the functioning of the thyroid gland leading to hormonal problems. According to the researchers, also damage the mitochondria, which are cells elementals act in the conversion of food into energy.

4. Breathe in the smell of olive oil

German scientists discovered that adding olive oil to food contributes to a rapid and effective saturation. On the other hand, it turns out that even the simple smell of this oil extends the time of the preservation of constant level of sugar in the blood, which saves us from the occurrence of the sensation of hunger. The greater amount of blockers of hunger are related in the varieties of oils italians.

5. Eat with pleasure

Our appetite to a great extent is regulated by a hormone called ghrelin. Your level increases by stress and low in response to receiving pleasure by food. In a nutshell, if you eat with pleasure, then the feeling of hunger will soon return, but if he with difficulty ate the hated cottage cheese, again quickly you go to the refrigerator.

Therefore, if a product cause you to have a frank distaste, it is better to replace it by one that you like more, or try taste it and still get pleasure.

6. Choose the pasta right

The glycemic index shows how quickly the body digests the product. The lower the glycemic index of the product, the sugar content in this will enter the blood more slowly. Accordingly, the agency will generate small doses of insulin for its development.

In the contrary case, if the blood gets too much sugar quickly, our bodies must develop quickly to a large portion of insulin. And this, in turn, will give a signal to the brain that the time has come again to eat something. Therefore, products with a low glycemic index are more “advantageous” for those who lose weight.

As a result, different types of pasta to have a glycemic index different. In accordance with the findings of researchers, the best variants are the spaghetti, in the second place, are the macaroni in the shape of stars, and those that have a higher glycemic index are the macaroni.

7. Take calcium supplements if not consuming dairy products

Many people do not digest dairy products, therefore, exclude them from your diet. But the cheese, milk, and cottage cheese are valuable sources of calcium, which, according to researchers, speed up the metabolism of fats. The weight of the participants of an experiment that took a supplement of calcium decreased by 26 to 70 percent difference from the control group.

That’s why, if you don’t get on very well with the dairy, try taking supplements with calcium and vitamin D to be absorbed in a better way.

8. Choose solid foods for breakfast

Scientists have long know that breakfast is beneficial. Now, they have already advanced, and to investigate actively the influence of the components of the dishes in our body. In particular, they showed that the capacity is saturated with the protein increases, when consumed in solid form. The conclusion is simple: by eating cottage cheese in place of a drink made on the basis of this, the hunger will come later.

9. Eat bitter chocolate

Apparently, the chocolate not only influences positively on the health, but also reinforces the results of weight loss. Scientists discovered that in the group of people who follow a diet low in carbohydrates and supplementing your diet with small portions of bitter chocolate, there is observed a return of the extra weight after several weeks of diet compliance.

And you, do you have any tricks that help you to get rid of the extra weight? It tell us about them in the comments!

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