9 Things you can know about a woman when you see her makeup

When you look at a girl wearing make-up, in the first place, decide if it is beautiful or not. But the scientists say that, in reality, unconsciously we do a greater number of conclusions, as the length of the line of the eyelids and the color of the lipstick are not only determined by fashion, but primarily by the character of the person using it.

Great.guru brought together the observations of psychologists and discovered what they can tell us of women, their habits of makeup.

1. Intellectual capacity

The scientists found a pattern under the name lipstick effect”, or “lipstick”. For the study, researchers from Harvard divided the participants of the experiment in three groups. The first group is proposed to apply makeup, the second to listen to music positive and the third to paint a picture. After this, the girls performed a test of intellectual.

The highest results came in the group that had put on makeup. Scientists justify this fact by explaining that women who are accustomed to use makeup, often:

  • they feel more secure;
  • have more confidence in their abilities;
  • take quick and effective decisions.

2. Impression on the people around

The girls with makeup are perceived as more empowered. A study recent showed that the better the place the make-up and more attractive the face, the faster people around you will see the girl as a good professional. And this is not only from the point of view of the men, but also by other women. A face with a moderate amount of makeup increases the social status of the girl in the eyes of other people.

3. The role in the team

But with the leadership, things are different. The more makeup you have the face of the person, the less likely it is that she is able to lead successfully to other people. The matter is that people around do not consider it as a potential leader. This is probably linked with the fact that a face without makeup cause greater confidence, seem to be more receptive. If your head is covered too much, then your management will be performed with greater reluctance.

4. Personality type

The makeup makes a girl more visible. That’s why you might have the impression that the girls extroverted use makeup with a greater enthusiasm. At the same time, introverts focus on their inner world and do not appreciate the conversations empty, and is more likely to go on the street without makeup. Scientists argue the opposite: introverts often feel more comfortable using continuously makeup than extroverted.

  • Introverts adapt more easily to the society, using the call mask to remain on the border between the inside world and the outside world.
  • The extroverted through the makeup are more willing to maintain its allure and status. Them, according to the observations of scientists, they experience less worry to seem more natural because they feel more free to the strange people around her.

5. Immaturity

Some girls do not want to mature and express their opposition through the makeup. The abundance of blush pink, a bright makeup of adolescents with a focus on the eyes , and especially an increased visual of the eyes emits a girl that still wants to be a little girl. Such girls in reality are considered to be younger and more often tend to be more immature than others.

6. Security in itself

A special trust in the same is characterized by the type of application of the makeup “alluring”. That is to say, those that wear make-up wanting to look more attractive and capture the glances of others. This refers especially to the lovers of using red lipstick, who often are more persistent, arrogant, and sociable.

In addition, the scientists performed an interesting experiment and explained why the bright colors on the lips attract stronger attention. The results of the study showed:

  • in girls with a lipstick red, the eyes of the people remained at 7.3 seconds;
  • in girls with labial rosa was 6.7 seconds;
  • and to the girls without lipstick looked only 2,2 seconds.

7. Anxiety

Another type of makeup application is the “camouflage”. This is found in people with a high level of stress, and describes a constant use of makeup to modify the deficiencies of the appearance. If women make up only to hide your true face, then it indicates high anxiety. This is mainly reflected in the women that can’t get out to the street without makeup.

A survey showed that 32 per cent of women wear make-up to go to the store, the 10 percent uses makeup even when at home. In this case, the makeup clearly, it becomes a mask and we talk about a defensive position towards the world around him and the emotional instability.

8. Temperament

The color of the lipstick will tell us more about the temperament. According to the observations of experts, the shades of the lipstick, which is frequently found in the makeup for everyday women, can be divided into 4 main types:

  • The red is used often by girls creative, brash and straightforward in terms of communication. By type of temperament are sanguine, and choleric.
  • The lip pink can be frequently found in girls social with a good sense of humor. The temperament between them is often the blood.
  • The color purple: this shade is often preferred by girls, calm and insightful. Often they can be attributed to people’s home and, by temperament, they are often melancholic and flemáticas.
  • Natural: the girls with such a tone in the lips they are often kind and attentive. This, generally, indicates a type of temperament phlegmatic.

9. Peculiarities of the character

If the good feeling of the girls depends on if there is makeup or not, then bearing in mind how to make up, you can talk to them about their habits and attitudes. The eye makeup helps to know more about your personality.

  • Long lines on the eyelids: the girl easily test multiple roles, attentive to detail. Often they have a tendency to perfectionism.
  • Liner color: nature creative and playful, which has retained the spontaneity of children.
  • Eyeliner at the top: often found in girls who are practical, who do not worship building castles in the air, but prefer to perceive solid ground under their feet.
  • Eyeliner color for below: are characterized in those people that contain in themselves a lot of emotions.
  • Smoky eyes: sensuality outstanding and tendency to be dreamy and romantic sense.
  • The absence of lines on the eyelids: love the conversations simple and free, freedom and curiosity.

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