9 Habits that prevent our brain to work properly

Our brain holds many secrets that are still incomprehensible to scientists. However, there are a number of habits that will prevent the brain working properly, and that, without that notice, they make us more stupid.

Great.guru decided to find out about what habits it is worth to get rid to work effectively and wisely.

1. Spend a lot of time on the social networks

It is not a secret that a frequent review of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other social networks prevents us to focus. We receive a lot of information of different type in a short interval of time and, in addition, in small portions.

This type of behavior becomes habitual for the brain. Constantly change a task for another and looking for something new. If you have to work with attention, the brain has to make a big effort to stop and focus on one thing.

What to do?

Read a book, work out or do any physical activity.

2. Find all the answers on the internet

Of course, the unlimited access to information considerably simplified our life. Now we hardly went to the library looking for important information and don’t spend time photocopying the books.

But there is another thing. Psychologists speak about the so-called “effect Google”, that is when we, knowing that all information can always be found on the Internet, we make a question in the finder and promptly forget. And we got that, automatically, we desacostumbremos to use our own memory.

What to do?

The next time, when your hand try to ask for something on Google, for example: how to bake cookies? or how many types of pizza there are in the world? try to remember the advice of mom.

3. Work when you’re sick

We often go to the office without paying attention to the cold or the cough. But such behavior can have complications. In the periods in which the immunity is weak, the heart works with a high pressure and the brain aims to conserve the health and the performance of the work. In general there are not quality work, or a quick recovery.

What to do?

If you are sick, you have to be at home, relax and heal. Later, when you’ve fully recovered, yes you can work!

4. Rejection of the communication

Communication is very important to develop the brain. During the communication with different people, form new neural pathways. If the person is accustomed to silence, speaking little, limited to a small group of people, she herself is stopping your development.

What to do?

If your friends invite you to a meeting, agree to go with them. And do the same also in the next occasion. So, gradually, you will see a large amount of topics that you can discuss without problems.

5. Habit of little sleep and getting up early

During sleep our brain is actively working, and the encoding of the information. A short and bad sleep influences our ability to learn something new.

If you sleep little, you go to bed after midnight and, the next morning, you wake up late, that also influences the quality to remember the information. The attention becomes more and more distracted and the memory worsens.

What to do?

Manages your own pace, in which the night will be for sleeping and the day for work will be fruitful.

6. Thoughts on a mind-exclusive

The studies of Carol Dweck, professor of psychology at Stanford University, show that it is very important to praise people. In particular, if you make compliments to the mind of the interlocutor and not to their merits, with the passage of time can make a bad pass. What is it?

There are two types of thoughts: thought static and the mentality of development. People with the thinking of the first type believe that all of their abilities received at birth, but by admitting its failure means that you are accepting your own mistake. Therefore, avoid situations with a high risk.

People with a mentality in development think that the attempts to make them more intelligent. The failure does not prevent them restless, upside down, helps them to analyse the mistakes and try harder the next time.

What to do?

It is better not to think that you are smart, but a person who still lack a lot to learn. This really will help you to be more intelligent.

7. Check common messaging services

The habit of checking at all times the services of instant messaging, email and the constant change of tasks makes us more clumsy. We are distracted all the time and then take longer to enter into the dynamic of the work.

What to do?

Focus on performing one thing at the time. It is sufficient to look at the conversations once every 3 or 4 hours.

8. Chewing gum

Previously, scientists believed that the chewing gum influenced positively in the brain, as the chewing increases the flow of blood to the brain and improves mental functions.

But lately, the researchers say that during the process of chewing, the person to be distracted from the main task and has a memorization of short duration. For example, it is more difficult to learn the sequence of objects in a list.

What to do?

If you crave too much, chew gum on the way to work or home. But during the work, it is better to abstain.

9. Consumption of greasy food

A high concentration of saturated fats in the food prevents to produce dopamine, which is a substance that helps brain cells send signals. The food rich in fat has a negative influence on the flexibility of our mind, impairs the memory and slows the reaction time. In addition, the more saturated fats we consume, the more eager we will be to eat them again, and will have to do it to get satisfaction.

What to do?

Limit the consumption of saturated fats. If you crave eating something fatty, include in your menu fat more saludubles such as fish, olive oil and avocado.

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