9 aesthetic Qualities in a woman that go crazy to the men

When you ask men what called more the attention on the appearance of a woman, usually the answers revolve around the chest, hips, and smiles on their faces. But if the first is not so easy, so typical of a big chest is your priority (this is nothing more than a stereotype, in reality), the attractiveness of the other “details” about the female appearance has already been confirmed by many studies. And this is, as a general rule, not to the superficiality and banal of perception in itself, but the processes and attitudes biological deep.

Great.guru has studied this issue in detail, he chose the qualities of external female, more often, they say that attract men and ordered according to their importance.

1. Long hair

According to a research, men prefer women with long hair, voluminous and shiny. It turned out that, in an unconscious way, consider this as an indicator of good health and the existence of vital energy. And still more: it is a sign of fertility.

On this, we also found information in a book by Alan Miller and Satoshi Kanazawa, Why Beautiful People Have More Daughters: “One of the indicators of health is physical attractiveness, and another, the hair. Healthy women always have their hair shiny, while, in the hair of people with health problems, the brightness is scarce”.

That is to say, maybe you should second guess it before you get a haircut type “pixie”. Not in vain, the most important thing is to be yourself. Therefore, if you feel much better and more attractive with short hair, dare, and do not rely strictly on the opinion of the majority of men. Any rule has many exceptions.

2. Special smell

Most of us know what is meant by the pheromones, the “chemical signals” emitted by our bodies. But it is unlikely that many people know that humans use unconsciously to determine what it is your partner more compatible genetically.

Studies have shown that pheromones provide a variety of information about a person, including that related to the health of your immune system. In this way, men are able to distinguish women with the best immune system by its smell. This also works in the opposite direction: thanks to pheromones, women can also determine the level of testosterone. And all of these skills are necessary, of course, to produce healthy offspring in the future.

3. The symmetry of the face

The standards of beauty are sometimes calculated even mathematically. In one of our articles we already have on the parameters of a female face ideal and the calculations used to determine them. The symmetry of the face is of paramount importance to determine the attractiveness of a woman. And the men, unconsciously, pay attention to these criteria because they are a sign of possessing good genes. Asymmetry, by contrast, is associated with poor health, defective genes, and even abnormalities in the reproductive organs.

The symmetry also attracts the attention of animals in nature. For example, the swallows, females prefer males with symmetrical tails, as this is also a clear signal for them to enjoy a excellent genetics.

4. Color of the teeth

Investigating the impact of the smile of a person on their attractiveness, the scientists, using digital effects, changing the state of the teeth and the distance between them in the images and asked the participants to observe: the men showed them women, and vice versa. As a result, it was discovered that the state of the teeth of a woman has a particular importance for men because it gives an idea conditional on his “value reproductive residual”, regardless of their age.

Fortunately, there are many ways to treat and whiten the teeth, but it’s not worth taking it too seriously. In the end, the study also showed that the teeth are naturally white and the so-called Hollywood smile is valued approximately the same way; the important thing is that it does not allow the teeth to spoil and turn yellow.

5. Long arms

This is one of the physical qualities that, either have it, or not. However, it is interesting to know that men estimate the long arms even more attractive than long legs.

In a study conducted by scientists from the University of New South Wales, the men were invited to view video files with 96 women, aged between 20 and 49 years. They then had to evaluate each of them by their appearance. The results showed that women with long arms were rated as the most attractive. The size of the hips and the waist also turned out to be important, along with the weight and the age. Meanwhile, the length of the legs, whose importance still seems to be key in many women, did not affect significantly the evaluation.

6. The sharp voice

The studies indicate that men prefer a female voice sharp, as this is perceived as more youthful and feminine, as well as indicates a high level of estrogen. A sharp voice also assumes a body size smaller, while a low tonality usually associated with masculinity, so women prefer men with this voice, already subconsciously imagine a person big and strong.

Scientists claim that in the animal, the height and the pitch of the sounds also have their importance. A roar from the belly deep, generally, indicates that it is a large animal, while a light tone and clean, like the humming of an insect, indicates a small size and, often, vulnerability. Perhaps men prefer voices acute, also, for this reason.

7. Curve of the spine

It is no secret that men like the female form appealing. However, a more detailed study on this issue reveals that all is not as simple as it seems. Really, are considered attractive forms that are created thanks to a certain curve in the bottom part of the back and not the ones that form due to an excess of weight.

The psychologist David Lewis of the University of Bilkent conducted two experiments. In the first, 100 men were invited to assess the attractiveness of women by their images, where their figures were subjected to a digital retouching in the lumbar area (are showed at different angles of the curvature). The men considered it as the most beautiful an angle of approximately 45 degrees. In the second test, the scientist decided to find out with certainty whether the subjects preferred this option, as with this angle, the buttocks stand out more, or the beauty to be found directly in the curve of the back. During the same, it was also confirmed that the appeal was the curve itself, regardless of the size of the buttocks.

8. Color red

A study by Andrew Elliot and Daniela Niesta showed that some reaction of the men of the red color may also have been programmed biologically. This is also confirmed by the fact that it works as well in the animal world, where this color usually indicates readiness for mating.

In the preface of the study, Elliott and Niesta indicate the following: “In many primates, the color red enhances the attractiveness of the females to the males. A nice side effect in humans is demonstrated in our five studies.” The authors of this work also discovered that men, as a general rule, do not even suspect how this color affects them and as this does not affect, at all, to the mutual perception between women.

9. Proportions 7:10

One of the physical attributes, most famous, men pay more attention, are the wide hips. According to the scientists, the men, prefer especially the proportion of the waist and the hips 7:10, because, in the first place, it is considered ideal to have offspring. The deviation of this ratio towards the lower side, it can reveal possible complications in the birth process, while towards the upper side indicates possible fertility problems caused by excess weight.

Of course, men do not necessarily realize or acknowledge that they are deliberately seeking this proportion in particular. In reality, there are few men who understand it in the first instance, consciously or unconsciously, give preference to women who are able to produce healthy offspring, because these are all subconscious processes. However, we cannot deny the role of instincts in this matter, given the large amount of scientific evidence that is about it.

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