9 facts about the lives of the elite of North Korea

North korea is a country mysterious. But here, as in other sides of the world, there is the elite class, whose life is very different to the life of the common citizens of the country.

Great.guru tells you what to spend the money to the richest of North Korea.

1. Computers

Computers are so common to us all are an extraordinary luxury to the inhabitants of North Korea. The rich can afford to get a MacBook that will cost you approximately a thousand dollars. However, for this you need to get the permission of the authorities.

That’s why, in North Korea thrives on the black market, where they sell computers simple armed of different pieces. The price of such computers reaches $ 200, while a laptop can get in 300-500 dollars. This price is quite high for employees are common, as the salary of a north Korean average varies from 150 to 200 dollars a month.

2. Mobile phones

Mobile phones are an inseparable part of our life. We can be connected 24 hours a day, seven days a week and be in contact with people on the other side of the planet. However, in North Korea everything is very different. Even if you’re a lucky one who has managed to get a mobile in this country are banned overseas calls, access to the Internet is limited and your calls and correspondence are monitored by the authorities.

To buy a mobile phone legally, you’d have to sign a bunch of papers and pay about $ 300. To get 2 Gb of Internet, you would have to pay 200 $ or 400 for 10 Gb. You can also buy a mobile phone on the black market, however, in case of being caught, we would blame of treason to the state, which is considered a crime more horrible in North Korea.

3. Plastic surgery

South korea is the capital of plastic surgery, but not all of the inhabitants of North Korea can afford it. If you don’t have large amounts of money, you could get a plastic surgery for 3 dollars, which is acceptable for women north. However, such procedures are dangerous because, in most cases, are performed in-house, without the necessary tools, and the unsanitary conditions they cause all kinds of infections.

4. Clothing

The variety of clothing in North Korea is limited, and its inhabitants are dressed in either uniform, work, or everyday wear of quiet tone. However, despite this, the rich can afford to wear brand name clothing. The demand of branded clothing is higher than the amount of clothes available, so that the clothing designers famous americans may cost about 2 thousand dollars.

99% of the citizens of North Korea cannot afford this type of purchase. They are much more popular second-hand stores, where you can also get a trademark suit to $ 250. The only thing that is not available to any resident of this country are the pants denim blue, as they symbolize the support of the western capitalism.

5. Alcohol

The inhabitants of North Korea are limited in the consumption of alcohol that, in most restaurants, strong drinks are prohibited. The prohibition of the sale of alcohol also exists in the stores. Only in points of sale specialized you can get a bottle of your favorite wine. In addition, a good alcohol is also a great rarity and costs a lot of money.

6. Watch

In North Korea, the clock is the symbol of a high status in the society. The most influential people opt for watches imported, thus showing that they have the ability to buy things outside of your native country. In addition, on occasions, Kim Jong-un gives watches to the high-ranking officials as a symbol of their loyalty to the country.

7. Ski resorts

The ski resort is north Korean “Masikryong Ski Resort” is available basically for the tourists and also for the richest of the country. The resort includes the price of the luxury hotel and restaurants. In addition, here you can get imported products. The cost of a vacation of 3 days at “Masikryong Ski” starts from 430 dollars.

8. Weddings

For the people of North Korea, the wedding is a way to demonstrate his fortune. A tradition of exceptional wedding ceremony is that, in place of the civil registry, the bride and groom are married in front of the statue of Kim Il-sung, the founder of the state of North Korea. To the wedding is invited to the relatives, friends and colleagues. Give away dollars to the partner is considered a luxury, as it reflects their high status in the society. The guests who can’t afford a gift expensive to borrow money from the state.

9. Capital

The life in Pionyang is very different to the life in the province. Here you will find shopping centres, restaurants, gyms, and shops with household appliances expensive. All of this only is what can allow the wealthy people, willing to pay for a cup of coffee, the average salary of an inhabitant of the province.

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