9 Extras that, no doubt, will never be invited to a shoot

The profession of the extras is exciting and, at the same time, relatively simple. The camera does not focus on an actor of this type, not replicas, and will most likely be merged with a crowd of other extras the same to him. It would seem that to follow the instructions of the director should be sufficient to not get in trouble. But there are individuals who manage to fail even in that type of work.

To continue with this topic that has already been addressed above, Great.guru decided to launch the second part of the incident involving the actors of the small role.

This inhabitant of “Planet of the Apes” was remembered for her aggression too apathetic

It was supposed that in this shot from the film “Hannibal: Enemy of Rome” the crowd represented a fierce battle. Look more closely at what they actually do warriors

This, clearly, was the last paper for the cat of “007: you Only live twice”

In the movie, “all Are well”, the children were asked to show calm during the scene, but exaggerated a bit

A soldier of “Dunkirk” forgot that I had to represent the fear to see that the enemy planes were approaching, and it showed between smiling and waiting for the order of the director

A man of “Hard to kill 2” decided to reinforce the atmosphere of panic with a fall in spontaneous

A little bit about the television. When you accidentally show up at a shot of the Emmy Awards, which is broadcast live

Or during the transmission of the news, which also comes in direct

A seagull walked in front of the panoramic camera of a tv channel in australia, what made this news program is to become a reference for other tv channels from all over the world.

And most brilliant: an extra, who was fired before the show, decided that his last performance of the lion in the background it should be remembered by all

According to have witnesses, this incident took place in 2009 in the State Theatre Academic Tatar Opera and Ballet Musa Jalil, located in Kazan. The role of one of the lions in the ballet “Suspenseful” was performed by Vadim Yarullin, who was sacked unfairly (as it seemed to him) shortly before this show, but according to the contract he was to interpret that last paper. Thing that, in fact, did (the video of the dance you can see here).

What about you have you ever noticed similar flaws in the movies?

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