9 Phrases that you should avoid so as not to ruin your reputation

Sometimes, a good person is only missing one thing: learning to keep quiet.

Great.guru brings to you a few examples of how you should not behaving with the people, since such behavior could ruin the reputation of even the best people in the world. If you want the communication with you will be comfortable and pleasant, avoid this.

9. Judging someone behind their back

  • Before you criticize someone, ask yourself this question: do stretch marks willing to repeat in public or in front of a camera than you think to say? If your answer is “no”, it is best not to start this conversation at all.

8. To promise something without thinking it through

  • Do not hurry to give an answer without listening to the proposal of your partner. Even if you think you already know what it is and you looks attractive, don’t accept it hastily. Agradécelo and ask for time to think it through.

7. Boast and hard to flatter yourself

  • Don’t talk too much about your advantages and how interesting was your day. Usually, people avoid those who love to talk about themselves. Throw compliments to yourself is a bad way of drop well people. Even if your compliments are well-deserved.

6. Complain about life all the time

  • The people that always goes complaining nor even pity. Rather, we seek to avoid these people. If you like bitching, start to keep a journal and complain there. Your partner does not have to be your “shoulder to cry on”. No satures others with your problems: this does not solve, nor does it add respect.

5. Does not show respect

  • Treat people by their names: it is well known that the sound of your own name is the most pleasant in the world. At least, have an idea remote how will your partner. Cares feel your personal attitude. So, not only you show basic respect, but also will fall to the person.

4. Use a lot of jargon

  • Avoid expressions, jargon and much less swearing. Do not feel uncomfortable to your partner, forcing him to translate mentally what you just said into a language that it itself understands. The communication must not cause inconvenience.

3. To tell the unpleasant truth

  • Not to criticise the defects of appearance, mental abilities or character of your partner. Even if he himself asks this of you. Everything in this world is relative, but, in reality, no one would need your bitter truth. It will only serve to offend the person, and you will not be added to nor love, nor respect.

2. To touch personal issues

  • Only a person without tact will judge the religious convictions, family and place of origin of the person. A lot of people take that to heart, until the comments more harmless in this regard. Therefore, it is best to avoid such topics of conversation if you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.

1. To think that you are the most intelligent

  • To let you pretend to be an expert in all subjects of the world, you’ll only win respect for foolish people. And just for a while. In a reasonable person, characters that think the most clever cause embarrassment and discomfort.

So be loved and respected in any social circle is quite easy: just treat people as you want them to treat you, then you will be happy!

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