9 Skills of secret agents which will be useful in everyday life

The secret agent is one of the most popular images of our time. It is No coincidence that James Bond movies are among the franchises most successful of the film industry. The secret is simple: the people associated with the person that pleases them, in addition, it is especially nice if it is a spy invincible. But how can we be at the height of a professional intelligence skillful and astute not only in dreams but also in reality?

Great.guru has compiled several techniques of secret agents that will be useful to many of us in everyday life.

1. Meet the enemy in person

According to the spy Barry Davies, one of the skills of espionage more important is the ability to use the enemy’s weakness against them. This skill is useful in everyday life. If you have an enemy among the people who surround you, find your weak points. Social networks and their biographical data will help.

Knowledge of personal information (relatives, hobbies, lifestyle, personal qualities) will help to understand the reasons for the antipathy and develop effective tactics of communication with the enemy, and maybe even find a approach to enhance their relationships.

2. Conceal your identity

At the same time, try to limit the amount of information available on it, since that would give an advantage to your opponents. In the first place, they are social networks, where you have to publish the minimum of personal data. In addition, one should not uncover his soul to peers and colleagues at a distance, as it can lead to gossip and rumors.

Remember that even the most innocent can be interpreted against you. This is especially true in the case of the information about the personal life that needs to be done public selectively and with great care. Otherwise, the phrase innocent “I have an appointment tomorrow” will lead to the conclusion “why you need a promotion if you will soon be on maternity leave”.

3. Try to be friend of all

Many people associate favors mutual with the servility and the cold calculation, but it is an effective tool and reliable that has passed the test of time. According to a veteran intelligence service, the former agent of MI6 by Harry Ferguson, a timely gift weakens the protection, and becomes the first step to establish contact.

By applying these words to our everyday life, we can conclude: a pyrope sincere, a smile, an encouraging or a beautiful detail to the New Year, will help you to get the majority of the people in your environment you deem to be a excellent person. A good relationship in addition to enliven the heart can be useful in life.

4. Trains communication skills

Of course, it is good if the relationship improves. But a real spy, according to the founder and president of the CIA, Allen Dulles, you should know how to keep communication with different people and in different conditions, including individuals unpleasant in the situation of an open conflict. For this you must learn to:

  • to control the quality of speech by avoiding idioms and words false;
  • distinguish facts from speculation;
  • listen carefully to the interlocutor;
  • listen more than talk.

You must admit that all of these skills of a spy can be useful in virtually any situation. The most important thing is that they are not innate, but acquired and perfected in the process of communication with different people. Don’t avoid the conversation any that are: beautiful, ugly, interesting, boring — and so, little by little you will learn to connect with all over the world.

5. Learn the basic concepts of psychology

It is useful to understand the body language of the interlocutor, to recognize the true motives of the people, noticing their complex hidden. And also properly assess your own reactions to the words and actions of others.

Learn the basic principles of applied psychology is simple: today the book market offers a sufficient number of appropriate publications related to this topic. The main thing is to practice more, watching your surroundings, and trying to get in the habit of “reading” people to the automaticity. So you will understand easily that the partner:

  • lie if you scratch your nose;
  • you are nervous if you play with a pencil or other object in his hands;
  • you try to hide something if you hide hands in pockets or behind the back;
  • you feel uncomfortable in the moment of conversation if you cross your arms over your chest;
  • is laying a trap if you squint;
  • satisfied with the conversation if you rub your hands together.

6. Learn how to pass unnoticed among the crowd

Any society that promotes a uniform model of thinking and be wary of “outsiders.” That is why the skill almost master of a spy is knowing how to assimilate with the crowd. Often, within the major companies, the dress code corporate shows the importance of this concept.

In any case, it’s not worth going against the collective: if the company is preparing a costume party for corporate, it’s better to support the idea; if the employees of your department are raising funds to buy something, it is best to participate. The main thing is not to overdo it and avoid copying the way they dress or making fun of someone in your environment.

7. Develops the skills of observation

A spy authentic, is fixed at the facts and details that escape the common people, and at the appropriate time the retrieves of your memory with ease. In the life is a useful skill to quickly find the argument in the dispute, or to deal with an opponent hostile, deflecting the attention to his own failure that you remember.

It is also possible to develop this capacity with the training: wherever you are, try to remember points of reference in your journey, fragments of text after a single reading, passers-by casual, number and location of the objects around you, etc

8. Do not go down the guard

The CIA employee, Jason Hanson, interprets the word “guard” as the perception exacerbated by the environment, which allows you to detect suspicious behaviors and potentially dangerous: in the street, in a taxi, at the airport, during lunch, or in any other situation.

Of course, not to encourage you to check constantly if you are being watched, or use a cap of aluminum foil protect you from radiation. However, the monitoring moderate not hurt anyone, because that will allow you to notice time cooling that have suffered from the relations with others, discover the cause of those changes (an error admitted, rumors, intrigues of the competition) and take necessary measures.

9. Working on yourself

One does not spy “by chance”. Usually, dedicated consciously his whole life to achieve this: they study well, they widen their circle of interests and develop his scholarship, play sports, dominate foreign language to perfection. To have something in common with such people, you should:

  • learn foreign languages;
  • read serious literature, pointing to the citations that you liked;
  • study the biographies of the people who are your role models;
  • watch documentaries about nature, physical phenomena, historical events, etc;
  • maintain relationships with interesting people, and learned, trying to reach your level.

But, perhaps, the main qualities of a secret agent, that would definitely be useful for any person, are persistence in the achievement of the goal, hard work and the habit of to develop constantly.

And you, do you use some of the skills of espionage in your life?

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