9 Habits common that it is best to leave as soon as possible

Do you drink coffee hot and aromatic for the morning? And do you eat popcorn in the cinema? These and many other actions have become in our habits. There is the belief that a new habit can be formed in 21 days. But Phillippa Lally, along with their colleagues from University College in London, showed that a person needs to be 66 days on average to start to perform an action automatically. Maybe you leave a habit to take more time, but will definitely be worth it, especially when it comes to the habits that we will describe in this article.

In Genia.guru, we learned that many things shouldn’t even be included in our daily routine. And here’s why.

1. Do not lean the feet on the dash of the car

Many people like to sit in the car a little unconventional. And how many movies show images in which the heroine travels in the car, resting your feet on the board…

In reality, it is very dangerous. And even for a possible accident, but by a simple sudden stop. A person that holds the legs to the height of the face, necessarily a blow to the jaw with her knees. And this can end in fractures and a long recovery period.

That is why it is better to renounce this habit is ridiculous and, when travelling in a car, to wear the belt.

2. Do not hang a wet towel on a hook and not folds of the curtain after you shower

Many times, we do a bun with wet towels or hang it in the hook of the bathroom. But this is unhygienic as the bacteria multiply actively in the folds wet. In regards to the shower curtain, in its folds, it can form mold.

For this reason, towels should be dry out unfolded and, after the shower, leave the curtain in the bathroom cumshot for that also dries quickly.

3. Do not drink coffee on an empty stomach

Many of us started the day drinking a cup of coffee with an empty stomach. And, despite the fact that the coffee has useful properties, it also has drawbacks. And one of them are the consequences of drinking coffee with an empty stomach. That can cause heartburn or indigestion.

In addition, with just thinking about food, your stomach already secret gastric juice. This also happens when you drink coffee, but not to enter solid foods. And an excessive amount of gastric juice can damage the stomach walls.

Specialists recommend to drink coffee after a hearty breakfast, or half the day.

4. Don’t eat popcorn

Eating popcorn in the cinema is almost a tradition, although many people do not find it very pleasant to listen to, instead of the film, the cracks of the seat to the side. But there is a good reason to give up the popcorn.

The dentists claim that this product is harmful to your teeth. The small particles get stuck in, and we seldom get to remove them completely although look after the oral cavity. In addition, the popcorn sold in movie theaters, they are too fatty and high in calories, which is harmful for the health.

5. Don’t let a water bottle in the car

If you have a car, it is very likely that you take in inside a bottle of water. But, doing so is quite dangerous, especially in the summer.

It turns out that, under the rays of the sun, a bottle of water acts as a magnifying glass. And, if you are on a dark surface, it attracts even more light from the sun. This can cause a fire.

Of course, the probability that a bottle of water to cause a fire is very low, but it exists. That is why it is best not to leave it in the car.

6. Don’t squeeze the grains

It seems that all have heard about this simple truth. But squeezing the pimples, it really is dangerous.

The pimples occur when the pores become clogged with sebum. It is then when he begins an inflammatory process. In a healthy body, the immune system directs white blood cells that combat harmful bacteria to the acne that is why, the affected area of the skin becomes red. When you try to squeeze a pimple, the walls of the pores are damaged and the skin becomes even more susceptible to the bacteria. In addition, if your hands are dirty, if apretas the grain, there is the risk of infecting the entire area.

If you are concerned about the appearance of your skin, it is best to consult a dermatologist. If the grains appear rarely, just wait a few days and not the finishing touches.

7. Not photograph everything with the phone

In the TWENTY-first century, a council, and it seems strange, if even the children use smartphones to take great photos. But the research of Linda Henkel, of Fairfield University, says that in an attempt to capture it all with the camera of the phone, you miss many important details.

The moment you take a photo, the focus is on photography and not on what you’re shooting. As a result, it is clear that you have a photo or a video of memory, but your memory will retain less details of what happened.

In the experiment carried out by specialists, a group of people walked through a museum looking at the exhibits, and the other group took many photos during the trip. As a result, the participants in the second group responded much worse to the questionnaire about the exhibition.

8. Dont you try with dietary supplements and vitamins

Many people tend to think that the vitamin C will help you to not catch a cold, and that supplements are biologically active (BAA) can be replaced almost completely by the drugs. In reality, none of this is as well.

If you have a balanced diet, taking vitamins is pretty much useless, because you get the you need with food. Vitamins are prescribed to the people suffering from vitamin deficiency.

The supplements biologically active are used as an additional source of food and biologically active substances in case of its shortage. Clear that, to replace a substance that is missing makes it a good to our body, but dietary supplements are not medicines. Don’t forget that.

9. Do not place the phone under the pillow while charging

Doing so can cause a fire. The problem is that the phone heats up during charging. And although the new models, most of which have been improved, there are still smartphones with batteries that heat up a lot. As a result, the device itself or the cable of the charger can catch fire. And, if at that time the phone is under your pillow, you may go for seriously injured.

This was informed by the Fire Department of New Hampshire. Its members call all people who care about their own safety to never put the phone under the pillow while charging.

What other habit forming or dangerous action agregarías to this list?

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