9 Stories macabre of people who lost their lives in the Black Friday

The famous Black Friday has become one of the days preferred by shopaholics. During that day, millions of people are being alienated by a fever of consumerism that makes them spend even the last penny from your bank account at any article that has a poster of the offer.

In countries where this date is live more passionately, crowds of people throng which horde of zombies in search of the best and more great deals, often leaving any trace of education once they pass through the door of the shop.

The pressure to buy products with a discount before the holidays makes buyers act irrationally to the point that many people end up being killed.

These are the stories of 9 people who died during Black Friday:

1 – Nadia Ezaldein

9 Historias macabras de personas que perdieron la vida en el Black Friday

The Black Friday 2014 also turned out to be the birthday of Nadia Ezaldein, a 22 year-old from Chicago. While she finished her work shift, her family waiting for her at his house to give him a surprise party.

A few months earlier, Nadia had broken up with her boyfriend, Marcus Dee, 31 years old, who according to his sister, was in love with Nadia in an obsessive way despite the fact that he abused her both physically and psychologically.

In a fit of madness, Marcus Dee was presented in the work of the young and the slew of a-shot as a birthday gift. Despite the fact that she claimed that was your soul mate, the man chose to end his life rather than letting it go.

2 – Nick Brady and Haile Kifer

9 Historias macabras de personas que perdieron la vida en el Black FridayAfter having been stolen on several occasions during the commotion that was caused during the Black Friday, Byron Smith, 65, decided to turn off all the lights in your house and move your vehicle to make it appear that he was not at home.

Then he sat down in his basement with a loaded gun and installed a recorder to capture any sound that may occur during the night. I had the feeling that the thieves would return to acting again and nodded.

Nick Brady and Haile Kifer, two cousins of 17 and 18 years, had finished dinner with his family and decided to make his own version of the super deals of Black Friday in the home of Byron Smith.

Nothing more to enter the basement, Byron fired twice at the boy, who groaned and fell dead. Smith shot a third time while saying: “you’re dead boy“. In the recording you can also listen to Haile getting a shot that caused her to fall down the stairs. Seconds later, she screams and Bryon says, “You’re dying. Bitch“.

In the recording you can hear her talking to himself about what had just happened. “I refuse to live in fear. I’ve only been cleaning up a disaster. I have fulfilled my duty as a citizen. I had to do it. They were not human. I don’t see as human. I see them as vermin”.

Technically, the law states that in Minnesota a property owner can shoot and kill anyone in his house, but when the jury heard the recording of the incident it was clear that it was a premeditated murder. Byron Smith was sentenced to life imprisonment.

3 – Jdimytai Damour

9 Historias macabras de personas que perdieron la vida en el Black Friday

The Nintendo Wii was the gift most sought-after of Black Friday 2008. Everyone who wanted to be with one in New York was forced to queue up and endure the cold from the 3 in the morning.

In one of the shops, the opening hours was at 5 in the morning. As there was no security agent that could keep the mass under control, more than 2,000 people wanted to get hit. The crowd pounded and pushed against the glass doors while the employees were on the other side of the door, trying to prevent people from entering before time to the store.

After a moment of struggle, the crowd ended up breaking the accesses. One employee, Jdimytai Damour, was knocked down and trampled by the stampede of people that was looking for his long-awaited Wii. Despite resuscitation attempts on the part of the police, the young man Damour lost his life because of the crushing mass.

4 – Shootout at Toys “R” Us

9 Historias macabras de personas que perdieron la vida en el Black Friday

During Black Friday, Toys “R” Us put up the flag of parents exhausted, nervous, they do everything possible to find the toys that your children want for Christmas. Unfortunately, these episodes of anxiety and nerves to generate an atmosphere with dire consequences for those affected.

In 2008, an incident between two families made that two women arrived in the hands. during the fight, the husband of the woman who was on the ground getting beat up by another parent pulled out a gun with the aim of ending the fight. However, the husband of the woman who wouldn’t stop punching also pulled out a weapon.

Without a word, the two men began firing at each other until they both ended up dead. Police would not disclose their names to the public.

5 – Isidro Zarate

9 Historias macabras de personas que perdieron la vida en el Black Friday

It was four in the afternoon of Black Friday in 2016 when Isidro Zarate, of thirty-nine years ago, he was sitting in his car while his wife, Lisa, bought inside of a Walmart in San Antonio, Texas.

While waiting for his wife, Isidro was able to see a man of 21 years called Teles Sent grabbing a woman by the hair in front of the store. Seconds after Send started to hit the woman, so that Isidro was forced to intervene in some way. Then, are approached toward the aggressor, came down the car window and gave what would be his last words: “I Take the hands off!

Before Isidro could get out of the car to stop the aggression, Mandan, pulled out a gun and pulled the trigger several times before leaving fleeing in his own car. Fortunately, the police stopped him and was arrested. Isidro lost his life acting as a hero.

6 – Nisha and Sheetal Tandel

9 Historias macabras de personas que perdieron la vida en el Black Friday

Being a parent during Black Friday is difficult. After spending several hours working very hard to clean, cook and entertain guests, there is nothing more stressful than going to the sales.

That is exactly what he did Arvind Tandel, 48, 23 November 2012. From early in the morning he accompanied his wife and their four daughters to all the shops that they wanted. When the women were satisfied they began the journey back home in car.

As all the daughters were up to the top of the bags, the two older daughters, Nisha 24 years old and Sheetal 20, did not use the safety belt.

Unfortunately, Arvind Tandel fell asleep while driving due to tiredness and crashed into a police car that was in the middle of the road trying to help another person. The accident caused the death of Sheetal and Nisha.

7 – Demond Cottman

9 Historias macabras de personas que perdieron la vida en el Black Friday

Were the 1:00 to.m. in the Hamilton Mall in Mays Landing, New Jersey, during the Black Friday in 2016 when Demond Cottman, 21 years old, I visited the mall accompanied by his brother Shadi, a 26-year-old.

Without prior notice, both were engaged in a gunfight while they were in the parking lots. Shadi was shot in the leg and managed to survive the attack, but Demond was not so lucky and was killed.

Police did not release the name of the alleged shooter. The only theory that was considered was that it was a settling of accounts.

8 – Ashlea Harris

9 Historias macabras de personas que perdieron la vida en el Black Friday

Carter Cervantez and Clarence Mallory were a couple that had been working in an American Eagle Outfitters in Dallas, Texas. After being caught stealing, they were both dismissed immediately and reported to the police.

Carter and Clarence knew that during Black Friday, his old shop was generating thousands of dollars in sales and they also knew where I lived its former chief Ashlea Harris.

After a long and hard Black Friday, Ashlea was preparing to go home when Carter and Clarence the ambushed to download all his anger on her. After tied the hands and legs and set it on fire and burned her alive. Then, he stole the keys to the store where they planned to steal around $ 50,000. Luckily, the couple was caught and charged with the murder of Ashlea.

9 – Walter Vance

9 Historias macabras de personas que perdieron la vida en el Black Friday

Walter Vance was 61 years old and I was buying christmas decorations at 12:15 in the morning. Black Friday had just started, but the stress of that experience was too much for Walter. The atmosphere of nerves that were living during that day led to suffering a heart attack.

The other people in the store were so blinded by getting your must have steam installed that no one stopped to help you. He was sprawled out on the floor until a nurse out of service saw it and tried to revive him. Unfortunately, by then it was too late. If people worry more for the people than for the shopping, Walter might still be alive.

It is chilling to see how people can lose their temper over saving a bit of money. How far are we going to get there?

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