9 Myths of food that should be part of the past since a long time ago

Palm oil is very damaging, MSG (monosodium glutamate) is addictive, and the potatoes, more still, so that should stay out of any healthy diet: every day we hear these statements, apparently true.

Great.guru gathered for you the myths more popular over the food and found out whether it is worthwhile or not to believe in them.

Milk coffee has less caffeine than coffee alone

Many believe that coffee has more amount of caffeine. Its intense flavour brings crediblidad to this statement, but it does not influence the “strength” of the drink, and neither does adding milk or sugar. In fact, the caffeine content of the coffee with milk, cappuccino and coffee is exactly the same, depending only on the variety and blend of coffee.

Fruits and sweets, only for the dessert

Many nutritionists have shown their total disagreement with this established tradition. It is recommended to eat fruits in the breakfast or snacks during the day. But the sweet can only eat in the morning: in these cases, a couple of pieces of chocolate will not result in an abrupt jump of insulin. After lunch, it is always best to refrain from consuming sugar and confectionery products.

Monosodium glutamate is harmful for the health

The E621, or, in the language of science, the salt hydrogen in the glutamic acid, is one of the food additives that are common in the world. Your formula comes from Japan. In the year 1908, the chemist Kikunae Ikeda extracted glutamate monosodium of algae and described the taste as “umami” (tasty). In reality, this substance is found in the majority of natural products: from peppers to tomatoes. This causes the taste receptors of our tongue to work harder, which is taken advantage of by the manufacturers. The main danger of the foods that are artificially added to the E621 lies in the simple risk of overeating.

The rye bread is healthier than wheat

Many believe that products based on white flour are strictly contraindicated for those who want to lose weight, and therefore it should be possible to opt for bread made with rye flour. However, the calorie content in both is almost identical, so that you can gain weight as much with one as with another, if you eat in excess. The most important difference lies in the flour. The rye bread is made with rye, which contains more dietary fiber, so that it is preferred more in terms of metabolism. On the other hand, the bread of wheat, being more porous, it is easier to digest, so that with some diseases of the gastrointestinal tract is recommended over the other.

Granola: the best snack

This popular snack, american has managed to earn the love of the fans of healthy food in all over the world. The mixture of rolled oats, baked goods, nuts, honey (granola), it really is considered one of the snacks that are more nutritious. However, chasing to reduce the calories, the manufacturers often add artificial sweeteners to the product. These cause an increase of appetite and imperceptibly, you are just consuming more of what is needed.

The olive oil is healthier than sunflower oil: speeds up the metabolism

Experts argue that all vegetable oils are good for your health, but in limited quantities: no more than 30 grams per day. These contain unsaturated fatty acids that improve the metabolism of the cholesterol, something that can well serve as a preventive action of diseases related to the cardiovascular system.

The cane sugar is healthy

It really has many microelements that are healthy, but its quantity is insignificant. It is very unlikely that anyone would be willing to consume 2 pounds of sugar to cover the daily amount needed of potassium. The main advantage of sugar cane is that it can be consumed without refining. Call healthy this product generates a lot of controversy among nutritionists, since it contains 97 per cent of sucrose and its caloric value is about 387 kcal each 100 grams.

The pasta and potatoes are harmful to the figure

  • Everything is not as scary as it seems. The tubers of potatoes contain potassium, magnesium and iron. You just need to consider some of its details. The caloric content per 100 grams of baked potato is only 80 kcal, but the fries, with the same weight, achieve the 317. At the same time, if to them you add a sauce, the calorie content will increase vertiginósamente.
  • With the pasta, everything is a bit more complicated. In 100 grams of noodles conventional, are calculated approximately 114 kcal. The caloric content of the durum wheat pasta is 230 kcal. However, the pasta of durum wheat contains many more nutrients and fiber food, less starches and fats, while the macaroni conventional are just empty calories.

The palm oil is harmful

The reputation of this oil tropical was affected by its high content of palmitic acid, which increases the number of so-called “bad cholesterol”. However, this also contains oleic acid, which neutralizes the potential damage caused by the palmitic, and, as a result, palm oil has no effect on the metabolism of cholesterol. The palm oil extra virgin, orange live, is a source of unsaturated fatty acids and beta-carotene. The main problem lies in the fact that the manufacturers are unscrupulous, often added to the products palm oil is cheaper in place of the most expensive ingredients, deceiving to the consumers.

Howgreat.guru managed to debunk some myth that is still believed? In the world there are many more products that enjoy a reputation is not deserved, you tell us everything you know about them!

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