9 Parents whose accounts of Instagram are great

Social networks occupy an important place in our life. Modern children mastered to perfection, almost since they are in diapers, but for parents it is much more difficult to go to the pair of the evolution.

In Great.guru we wonder what kind of moms and dads we would be interested to follow on Instagram, and we selected these for mostrártelos.

Dominique Davis

Dominique is a mother elegant of the United Kingdom. The idea of organizing photo sessions fun with their daughters came to his mind in June of 2016, and all thanks to a simple coincidence: Dominique and her girls wore blouses stripes similar. She decided to capture this moment and upload the photo on your Instagram. The image quickly got over 16 thousand “likes”. To see new shots of this family together, you can follow the hashtag #allthatisthree. The woman he updates it every Sunday.

Simon Hooper

The british Simon had a lot of luck: you have 4 daughters, two of them are twins. Already by this can be respected. Followers adore to Simon for his account of Instagram of the father more sweet and fun. On his page, he speaks with honesty and humor about the hard daily life of the parents. By the way, his wife Clemmie also has its account of Instagram, but has half of the followers of her husband. After all, the photos of the father with the girls is a phenomenon more rare, and therefore, it is more pleasing to the eye.

Benny Harlem

These father-and-daughter hair steamy conquered Instagram not only with their hairstyles, but also with the warmth that is seen in every image. Benny does not hide his affection for Jaxyn, it is important to him that his daughter to grow up surrounded by love. Being models, participate in photo sessions joint, where tradition and modernity intertwine harmoniously. Harlem knows he inspires his followers and he often talks with them in the comments.

Adrian Sommeling

Adrian, a photographer and graphic designer from the Netherlands, rises to its page photos of the surrealists with his 11 year old son in the starring role. To see how it grows your child, remember your childhood fantasies and mixes with the imagination of Nick. In this way, the child becomes a giant, powerful or appears in the pages of their favorite books.

Adrian Murray

Another incredible photographer called Adrian, and also a great father. A former dentist of Kentucky, USA, began photographing in 2014, with the goal of capturing the largest amount of moments of the lives of their children. The pictures of Adrian are magical. Hiking, riding a horse toy with a teddy bear, all cares to the father.

Burr Martin

And this dad american stands out in our selection. It became popular on Instagram thanks to the parodies of his own daughter. Of course, he loves her and only wants the best for her. Only with good intentions began to copy their selfies provocative: what’s another way you can make them understand an adult child that it is wrong to do so? However, this did not work with his daughter; on the contrary, takes more selfies of this type.

Garrett and Jessica

Bucket List translates as, “a list of what you need to do in your life”. And the account of this family not by chance is called as well. Being a student, the father of the family made millions selling the service Snapchat your app to scan QR codes. The young parents decided to put this money in the bank, sell everything they had and travel the world with their children. This adventure has already lasted for more than 2 years.

Kelly Jenson

Look at this slender and beautiful woman, it is hard to imagine that you have 5 children. The life of Kelly, 40, is filled with all sorts of events, and it’s all thanks to the so-called “active list”. This guide of 10 points occurred in the school. To fulfill a wish of this list, Kelly added any new. With the birth of his children, his guide became a family tradition. Several times a year wrote down their wishes and then put them into practice together.


According to the information indicated in the account of this user on Instagram, takes the son and not the father. But what goes up there, it is not created without the participation of the talented father, Dom. The idea of a tandem creative is obvious: the child draws and the father “encouraged” the masterpieces of your child with the help of Photoshop. Looks very fun, but, of course, it would be better not to cross in real life to the people and the animals that they created.

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