9 Promotions that cost millions of dollars to famous companies

Experts in marketing know that we are attracted to bright colors, a pleasant voice in the ads, and, of course, discounts. It seems that in advertising, everything is thought to the smallest detail, but it is not so. Even big companies can make mistakes so that a mistake can cost them millions and even billions of dollars.

Great.guru you will have about 9 silly mistakes committed by famous companies.

1. Apple and the new album of U2

In 2014, Apple assumed that people would enjoy the new album of U2, so that the company has signed a contract with the group, and loaded automatically the disk in all devices of Apple. “In the end, everyone likes free things” they thought of Apple.

But people like things for free if they need them (at least a little). The album occupied a lot of space in the memory and could not be removed; consequently, a few people liked it. But the biggest problem was that the album was not free for Apple. Spent $ 100 million just on marketing, and paid the same amount U2. Later, Apple allowed us to delete songs from the device.

2. Weather prediction of Walkers (Lay’s)

In 2010, a british company, Walkers Crisp (known as Lay’s), decided to carry out an action unusual: if a person bought a bag of chips, around 65 cents on the dollar, then it could go to the site and try to predict when it was going to rain. If the prediction became reality, the buyer gained 10 pounds (about 16 USD).

However, the problem was that the promo was carried out in England (where it is often cloudy and it rains), and in the fall. Therefore, there was a week so rainy that each prediction would come true. In only seven days, Walkers lost more than £ 1 million. Clear that there was also a positive side: the advertising was successful, and the people remembered for a long time the name of the brand.

3. 1.5 million balloons

On September 27, 1986, a u.s. company, the United Way, decided to break a world record and launching 1.5 million balloons into the air, and in this way to make a advertising. In the city of Cleveland (EE. UU.) in a large hangar, 2 500 people filled thousands of balloons with helium, and then when they opened the roof, let them go. It was a wonderful image, but only for a few minutes.

No one took into account the rain that occurred at the time of the release. A few balloons were left in the earth and the other the wind took them all over the city. As a result, all urban transport is stopped, the airstrip and the pier were closed (video).

This also led to the death of two boatmen, who were not able to be found because the whole lake was covered in balloons. The wife of one of the victims sued the company with $ 3 million. In addition, the company paid millions to the city to repair the damage.

4. American Airlines and free flights for life

In 1981, American Airlines decided to allow their rich clients to buy a subscription to flight unlimited. For 250 thousand dollars, the client had the right to an unlimited number of tickets for free in the 1st class. And for 150 thousand dollars additional, you could purchase a subscription for your friend.

Specialists in marketing thought that it was going to be used only by big companies to transport their executives, but they all began to buy the promo. Then, a man flew to London 16 times in a month. And why not? I could fly all day.

As a result, the company was forced to carry thousands of passengers, free of charge, and in one week lost 5 million dollars. Subscriptions were immediately cancelled, and the money was returned to the card holders.

5. The chocolate ice cream largest in the world

In 2005, Snapple (the company that produces Dr Pepper) decided to expand the product line and produce ice cream. Thought of a great advertising campaign: to make the ice cream largest in the world and enter the Guinness Book of world Records.

The chocolate ice cream that weighed in at 17.5 tons was frozen in a factory and in accordance with the plan should be delivered to New York. A big ice cream in the hottest season of the year in the middle of the hot asphalt. What could go wrong?

When the ice cream arrived at the centre of the city and was opened the truck, there came waves of strawberry syrup that covered everything they found in their way. As a result, the streets were closed for 2 days and the company spent millions of dollars in damages and cleaning.

6. Tesco and mathematics

In 2011, chain supermarkets uk Tesco organized a price war with rival ASDA. Tesco said: “If you find that the same product is cheaper in ASDA, we will refund the difference”. That is to say, if you would buy wine in Tesco’s for $ 20, and then in ASDA were in the same wine, but for $ 18, then Tesco I was going to return $ 2.

The company assumed that customers will only buy the necessary things. But the resourceful individuals bought everything that was cheaper at ASDA, got the difference, and then returned those items. As a result, customers received more than what they were. During the promo, Tesco lost a large amount of money, whose amount was never revealed.

7. Oprah and KFC

In 2009, KFC decided to promote their new dish, give it all away. Wanting to keep the moderation, KFC announced the deal on the show the little-known actress (at the company thought so as well) Oprah Winfrey. But underestimating the audience of Oprah and the power of television.

Therefore, when the audience discovered that they could print a coupon for a free lunch at KFC, 16 million people did so. And went to all the KFC’s in the country. The lunches were finished in a few hours, and before the end of the campaign, the company had lost $ 40 million dollars and had to pay the same amount to Oprah, and advertising.

8. Olympic games and Mcdonald’s

In 1984, the Olympic Games were held in the united states. UU. In honor of this event, Mcdonald’s launched an action with the motto “If the EE. UU. win, you will win!” (video). For each medal gained by the americans, customers received free meals. For a bronze medal — a glass of cola, a silver — French fries, gold — the Big Mac.

But it happened the unexpected. That year, the USSR (the main rival of the united States) did not attend the Olympics. The u.s. received 83 gold medals, 61 silver and 30 bronze. This was much more than expected. As a result, the action “olympic” almost ruined Mcdonald’s, because they all ate for free.

9. Fever of numbers of Pepsi

In 1992, Pepsi was far behind Coca-Cola in the southeast asian market. Therefore, managers filipinos Pepsi decided to launch a campaign called: “Fever of numbers”. The plan was simple: under the lids of the drinks of Pepsi, there was a code and the amount of the winnings: 1 000 to 1 000 000 pesos (40 thousand dollars at that time).

You could get the prize only if at the end of the campaign one had the code of three numbers selected as the winner. When Pepsi announced that number, which he would receive 1 million pesos, a mistake was made. We chose the number 349, which was printed in 800 thousand caps. That is to say, 800 thousand people earned 1 million (800 thousand million pesos between them all).

The company could not pay such a sum, at that is recused in a failure of the computer, but that didn’t help. In the capital of the country, erupted in riots, burned trucks, and factories of Pepsi. As a result, 3 employees of the company were killed. Soon Pepsi was handed millions of pesos equivalent to all of its gains of the previous 2 years and the time of the promo.

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