9 Reasons to love Cristiano Ronaldo, not only for the good football

Genius of soccer, billionaire, philanthropist, and handsome: a magical combination. And we do not speak of a character of comic book fantasy, but a real person that doesn’t skimp on acts of kindness and has a heart so generous.

Great.guru has prepared for you a selection of the 9 qualities more remarkable of the young superhero Cristiano Ronaldo.

1. He donates blood regularly

From the age of 24, the star of modern football is a blood donor and plasma constant. By the way, precisely for this reason, the player does not even have a single tattoo on her body: after you get one, you are only allowed to the person to be a donor after 6-12 months.

2. Devoted earnestly to the charity

Although Christian didn’t make it public, the reporters manage to discover when he donates huge amounts of money for surgeries for their young fans, for the reconstruction of destroyed homes or to finance hospitals. And, according to the frequent news about this issue, it does so with the same frequency with the one that donates blood.

My father always told me that, if you do acts of kindness and aid to others, God will reward you doubly.

Cristiano Ronaldo

3. Never forgets his old friends

Football star to visit your old friends and loves to make gifts. For example, Albert Frantau, as a sign of great respect and friendship, received a house of the player. Because once, during a party in front of the representatives of Sporting Lisbon, and he gave him his chance of being hired to a Christian: that, after receiving a assistance of his friend, he managed to put the goal more important than your career, which opened the doors to international football.

4. He loves his family

A great popularity, army of fans, millions of subscribers and fees stunning did not affect in any way the core values of a Christian: for him, the family is sacred. If you have to choose between a peaceful rest in any of her mansions in some island and a big family reunion, will always choose the second option. And instead of spending time at parties, prefer to spend an afternoon with their adored children.

5. It is accessible with his fans

When you have a big army of fans is simply impossible to devote time to all. There will always be those who will be offended, upset, or disappointed. But this is not the case of Ronaldo. Even late in coming to the World, he found time to get out of the bus and the comfort of a small fan that was crying, hug him, pose with him for a picture and sign a ball.

6. Knows how to laugh at himself

Cristiano Ronaldo has a great sense of humor. If we do not believe, look at this: once it was transformed into a pauper and spent an hour playing football in the streets of Madrid. Disturbed passers-by, asked them for the phone numbers to the girls that passed by, joked and just enjoyed the moment, being disguised to such a degree that no one recognized him.

7. Loves football, not the money

Cristiano Ronaldo loves football more than money and is willing to play even if you do not receive any economic compensation for that. So it was that donated all of its fees after the victory of “Real Madrid” in League of Champions for charity. And that equates to a little more than half a million EUR.

8. Not ashamed of showing their emotions

Christian is big, strong and very sensitive. Feeling all kinds of emotions, not afraid to show in public. It does not matter if it is joy or sadness, celebrate and cry with the same force without feeling ashamed for it.

9. Always help everyone, even if the person in need is the player of the rival team

An act strong and, at the same time, very moving: help to a player of the opponent team to get to the bench, an integral part of the group that defined the fate of the Portuguese in the World cup of 2018! Show your respect for the skills of a good player in such a situation is something that only a Christian is capable of doing.

Do you like Cristiano Ronaldo? How you’ve supported his selection in the World? Have you joined the fan club of Juventus, where he will play from now on?

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