9 Secrets about men, that any wise woman already knows perfectly

Are you sure that love is the most beautiful sentiment in the world? What ever happened to you that your romantic relationship of a bouquet of tender roses suddenly became in roses with thorns, and never understood why? It turns out that to always remain the woman’s most wise, understanding, and dear, just only with a little bit of knowledge about the nature of men.

In Great.guru we have prepared for you 9 secrets about men that all women knew already know. If you put it into practice, you’ll see in your partner, to a person who loves you, like your best friend and life partner.

1. Men do not read your mind

This phrase may be as old as the world and a truth the less trivial: a man can’t know what you’re thinking. But even so, women, stubbornly, trying to tell him, with looks significant, sighs heavy and turns metaphorical complex, trying to transmit his desires to the man.

Do you remember the beginning of the movie Lost? The protagonist imagined open the skull of his sweet wife, making the brain and trying to understand what he was thinking and feeling. But just to talk. I know that is direct, honest and don’t ramble on ambiguities.

2. Men also want to contribute to the relationship

What is it that they valued the society in men? Your strength, your inner selves, your ability to assume the responsibility that falls on them and their families, as well as be a support and protection for the other.

But women sometimes don’t give their men this opportunity, trying to decide everything by the two and without leave to the male gender opt for one or the other. If you don’t give your man the possibility of taking independent decisions and in a relationship you meet with the role of a caring mother, sooner or later, this is rebel.

Even if you earn more than your partner (although many men, this fact makes them doubt their own abilities) and contribute more in the well-being of your family nest, allows a man to feel as the “locomotive” that drives the “train” of the relationship in the right direction. Ask advice, share your plans, planned jointly by the family budget. A smart woman can handle a man without taking the lead role.

3. Men don’t like criticism and hate to ask for help

A man will ask for help only if finally you are convinced that you need it: that is to say, when you are in a situation absolutely desperate. For example: “Where is my brown belt?”.

But if you are lost in an unfamiliar neighborhood, despite the GPS-navigator and Google maps and heard of your partner the question, the less innocent, “are We lost?”, you can lose completely freaking out. Historically, men don’t like to admit that they can not know something and even more difficult it is to ask for help or advice.

You don’t have to tiptoe around him in order to avoid your negative reactions to your words and actions. But it is necessary to present criticism in a constructive way and reasonable. And often, praise your partner! He needs this much more than you can possibly imagine.

4. The men do not speak of the problems, solve them

Imagine a busy day of work, you come home very tired and during the dinner you board your husband with issues such as your boss today criticized for complete your project, a companion threw so much perfume that it was impossible to breathe in the office and the specialist of marketing you stumbled and dropped your cactus favorite.

Of course, your partner will offer you a thousand and one ways to solve your problems, from “taking revenge on that specialist of marketing by pulling your ficus” to “stop the job”. But, probably, you love your work and it’s just been a difficult day.

If you just need that you listen, empaticen with your bad day, or you comfort, speak directly to your partner. After all, your understand, your complaints involve passing to the action and your brain starts to generate more and more ways to solve the problem. And then, the man is genuinely surprised when it perceives that not the you have applied.

5. And, at the same time, men do not always want to be responsible for all

In our society there is the opinion that a man is a kind of a universal soldier who can fix a pipe, hang a picture, the road goes down the pan, helping an old lady cross the street, and, of step, to save the world. You can even do this 2 times. People tend to overestimate their capabilities, and especially, men.

We are all in agreement that a man multi-faceted, willing to perform feats on all fronts, at any time, either day or night, it is wonderful. And, absolutely, unreal. A man is not a Terminator, but a living person: can become tired, slacking off, not knowing something, or not understand it, and, for example, have no idea of how to assembled the IKEA furniture.

Therefore, it is sometimes easier to delegate some tasks to specialists in a particular matter. The main thing is to coordinate this theme with your loved one.

6. Men love to eat well and appreciate women that take care of the details of the home

Do you remember what our grandmothers taught us? The way to the heart of a man lies in the stomach. We now know that this path is not the only one, but still we must not forget that it is one of the main. Men love women who know how to cook, but also admire those who want to learn to cook well for them.

Of course, you can ask (in secret) the food at a restaurant, as the heroine of Angelina Jolie in the movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith, but, if you remember, the hero of Brad Pitt didn’t like the food. It seems that it is true that a dish prepared with love is difficult it is tasteless.

And even if your talents are limited to drawing up master of an infusion of herbs and professional court of ham for sandwiches, try to expand your culinary horizons. At the beginning, just follow the recipes to the letter and to not be afraid to seek the advice of your mother or friend. Trust us, your partner will appreciate it.

7. The man needs his personal space as the air and water

You’re upset because on Friday, your partner, traditionally, enjoy a few beers with his friends in the pub and on Sundays disappears imbued in the garage. If you want to meet with your friends, this does not mean that no longer loves you or that these are more important to him than his family. Simply, for a man, it is a form of relax, rest and regain strength.

But you also have your little secrets female, right? And with friends, also to you, sometimes, you feel like a chat over a cup of coffee, talking about things of women. There is always a certain territory of inviolability. And it will not be because we don’t trust our partner, but because we need that place where it is clearly located our “I”.

And besides, everyone needs once in a while to be alone. Imagine a man whose head is full of everyday concerns, and to the side, a woman that requires and demands your attention only towards her. Give the chance to your man to stay alone, if need be. And he will return to you, loving and grateful.

8. A man is a big boy. And age here does not matter

Yes, you need to accept the fact that not a single man in his childhood has played it enough. And no matter how old you are, different games for it means pure happiness at any age.

And if a man has interested in an exciting video game, nothing will separate this pastime. It may happen that he will only pretend to listen to you while staring in the assault on the enemy’s castle. Multi-tasking remains the prerogative of the beautiful half of humanity.

You can ask you company to your partner. For him, it would be a pleasant surprise. If this hobby is not going to nothing with you, accept the fact that each person’s fight against the stress and rest your way. Be, at times, a “big child”, is not a bad thing when it comes to the desire to discover the world, learn new things, develop their potential, logical and creative with the help of video games.

9. Men are emotional, even if it seems that it is not so

The men are able to feel like women, but don’t like to talk about their feelings, because they consider this as something pointless and for nothing male. How, then, can you understand what is happening on the inside of a man?

Pay attention not to words but to facts. If a man puts you in first place in the pyramid of priorities in your life and is always willing to come to the rescue to help you, this, better than any word, reveals his feelings.

Also, men love compliments. You rarely hear compliments from their friends or acquaintances, so a sincere compliment based on their appearance, their actions, achievements or abilities will be the best gift you can do.

We hope that these insights help you better understand your partner. And what of the other features of male behavior would you add to this list?

Illustrator Marat Nugumanov for Great.guru

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