9 Symptoms “dangerous” that in reality are not to be afraid (Spoiler: the chest pain is not so simple)

There are people that treat their health with special care. Unfortunately, sometimes this care means not only adequate nutrition and physical activity profitable, but also an excessive distrust and the habit of searching for symptoms of dangerous diseases. Hypochondriasis is a fairly common problem in the modern world. Even worsens even more due to the Internet, where you can quickly describe your ailments and get a list of the diseases that cause them. Thanks to the network, the hypochondriacs regularly you are diagnosed with dangerous diseases.

In Great.guru we have compiled a list of common symptoms that many people consider it a precursor to terrible diseases. But, in fact, most of the times do not represent any problem for the health.

1. Pain in the chest

The heart is one of the most important organs in the human body. It is not surprising that the chest pains scare a lot of people and force you to suspect diseases more dangerous.

But in healthy people, the cause of unpleasant sensations in the chest is usually the neuralgia intercostal, in place of the heart disease. In some, the nerve pain may be chronic, but in most, the unpleasant sensations are caused by sudden movements or excessive loads. Usually, the symptoms go away quickly by themselves. Panic attacks and other states of nervous also tend to cause pain in the chest.

If you never had problems with the heart, the pressure and the blood vessels, it is unlikely that you run the risk of having a heart attack. If the pain increases or decreases when breathing or during the tilt, it feels like floating, or radiates to other parts and does not affect the pulse and the voltage, it is not the heart that hurts you. In most cases, it is enough to relax and calm down in order to feel relieved.

2. Pain and heaviness in the calves

Such unpleasant sensations are often appear in people who suffer from varicose veins. However, this is the symptom most non-specific of all. As a general rule, the problems manifest themselves visually: the veins become more prominent, asterisks appear in vascular and other changes in the skin.

Healthy people also tend to feel pain and heaviness in the legs, and some noticeable swelling. But before panicking, you should pay attention to factors less hazardous that may cause discomfort in the legs. For example, the excessive burden, if you spend a lot of time standing at work, wear uncomfortable shoes, and position.

If the pains are not constant and appear after the workday, then it is unlikely that they are associated with a serious illness. If the next day the pain is relieved and does not bother you for a few weeks, or even months, it is likely that you do not have sense to go to the doctor.

3. Sudden dizziness

All people, even the healthy ones, occasionally experience a sensation of dizziness, which may startle easily a person hypochondriac. After all, the loss of coordination and balance is sometimes a sign of a stroke.

But, as in the case of pain in the legs and the chest, the dizziness in itself is a symptom, non-specific and insufficient to draw conclusions. It can be caused by stress, which triggers the release of hormones that cause weakness, dizziness and general malaise.

The dizziness may be caused by the heat or the vestibular apparatus a weak, if they occur in the transport. Also can occur even due to a sharp turn of the head or a collar too tight. If irritas too the carotid sinus, a point in the neck where it expands the carotid artery, the blood pressure will go down and you will feel bad.

In a few words, the sudden dizziness can have several origins. You should not peocuparte if it is not accompanied by other symptoms, strange and unpleasant.

4. Sore throat and voice change

Yesterday I felt good and today I have woken with a sore throat and a strange voice. However, you don’t have other cold symptoms (such as fever or nasal discharge).

Don’t be in a hurry to diagnosticarte a terrible disease. It is much more likely that the cause of such changes are bacteria and viruses. Some diseases, for example, angina or pharyngitis, may occur without specific symptoms of a cold. What is more likely is that during the day you feel worse, in the throat it will hurt more and the voice will get more hoarse, but the temperature can remain unchanged.

Not worth googling the symptoms of cancer of the throat. See your doctor: herbs and pills you will go back to normal faster than the fear of having an incurable disease.

5. Temperature above or below normal

Since childhood, we have come to believe that the human temperature normal is 36.6 ° C. But, what is more likely is that you don’t know what temperature is normal especially for you. What is more likely is that the midas only when you are sick, a couple of times a year and don’t do it while you’re healthy.

Normal body temperature ranges from 36.1 to 37.2 ° C. On average, it really is 36.6 ° C, but there are healthy people whose constant temperature is 36.9 or 37 ° C. therefore, if you measured the temperature and it turned out that it is higher or lower than you expected, do not panic. If you feel good, it is possible that this temperature is quite natural for you.

To be sure, measure it at least for 10 consecutive days, 3 times a day. Record the results. The average temperature will be the norm for you. The deviations of 0,5-1,5 ° С should not cause any worries.

6. Increase in the size of lymph nodes

The changes in the size of the lymph node scare many people, because it is one of the symptoms of cancer. However, the same symptom may have the disease much less dangerous. The inflammation of the lymph node can be caused even by a common cold. In this case, the cause of the change of the size is the strengthening of the functions of the body and the production of more active cells that fight the virus.

Instead of panicking, feels the lymph nodes in a few days. What is more likely is that your size can return to normal as soon as the infection is defeated.

Some people may discover that their lymph nodes are more visible or tangible than others. But nor is it a symptom of disease: they look different depending on the weight, height and other physical characteristics of the people.

7. Menstruation delayed

Normally, menstruation occurs once a month. But many women and especially young girls take it too literally. Once a month does not mean that this process will occur always the same day. The menstrual cycle can fluctuate and vary from 21 to 45 days.

The changes in the cycle can be influenced by factors not even given importance: stress at work, holiday travel and even changes to seemingly insignificant in the nutrition. In young girls with a cycle in development and began taking hormonal contraceptives, are normal changes in the frequency of menstruation.

So don’t panic if your cycle came a little later or earlier than expected. It is worth to start sounding the alarms when the spaces between the cycles are too long, or, on the contrary, short.

8. Heart palpitations

In the state of rest, rarely noticed how it works our heart. But some people feel and even hear the heartbeat, which can cause some discomfort. After measuring the pulse, the person will see that the heart beats more often than it should, and be directed to the doctor.

But in most of the cases, the heart palpitations is something quite normal. Since childhood we got used to the fact that the norm of heartbeats in one minute is equal to 60. In reality, the range is a bit wider — from 60 to 100 beats.

The heart rate depends on many factors: nutrition, lifestyle, stress level. Then, if you suddenly counted more than 60 strokes, looking for the answer in the usual things. Tobacco, lack of physical exercise, excess weight, or constant concerns about the state of the health can be the causes of the acceleration of the heart rate. Maybe you’re right, only your rate is 75 beats instead of 60.

9. Pigmentation in the skin

Skin cancer, like other types of this disease, terrorizes the whole world. Therefore, a stain strange on the cheek or the forehead, immediately becomes a cause of concern. But in most of the cases, the pigmentation does not mean anything terrible.

In summer, the dark spots appear on the skin due to sunburn. The sun in large quantities is actually harmful to the skin, but still it is not fatal. There are several causes: stress, lack of vitamins, a change in hormones associated with, for example, with the pregnancy.

If the small patches of pigmentation do not hurt, do not increase their size, and do not bother him in any way, except by their presence, the more likely it is that everything is in order. For various reasons, the pigmentation can appear absolutely in all people.

Without a doubt you should take care of your health and listen to your body. But the stress, the mistrust and the fear of illness do not strengthen the body at all. If you notice a symptom and bothers you, do not waste time on the on-line diagnostics and consultation with a doctor. Thus you will avoid your nerves and start the treatment faster if you really need it. Do you have the habit of diagnosticarte on the Internet?

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