9 Tricks known of the tale and allowing them to be identified easily

There are certain men that will always exchange a wife for another, and even have their own tricks-and-true ritual. But do not fool yourself, because those relationships do not have a long life and, if you want stability, then definitely this is not what is best for you.

To not be a victim of the seductive treacherous, in Great.guru met the clearest examples of the fact that a man does not aspire to a lasting relationship. But still, we expect that there is a possibility that he, the prince, whoever is in front of you.

1. During the first three days you do not receive your calls

Agreed to communicate by phone, you waited two days to his call and already you made the decision to forget about this well-known. If all of a sudden on the third day you get the call that both you waited for, it is a reason to reflect on it. Between the seductive professionals, it is considered that this is the best time for a call.

2. It is perceived that it has an unbelievable confidence in himself

Such men know that confidence is your most powerful weapon. This method works even if there are serious reasons for such confidence. The main thing is to show that he is a true male and keeps everything under control (and may not even know how actually are things).

3. You may flirt blatantly with other girls in front of you to attract your attention

This method is the oldest of all, but it is still effective. If a man is popular and makes you blush to your girlfriends, then it is a winner. Of course, he will not go too far, because all these tricks are just for you. Pay attention to how he behaves with you when you are among friends. And if you try to captivate the public, immediately you will notice.

4. He tries to touch you at every opportunity

There is a difference between the touch of a man who is actually in love with you and those who want to spend a night with you. Interestingly, in the first case, there will be less contact than in the second. The man who is looking for entertainment for a time, you will have more confidence to touch you in any situation, whether appropriate or not.

5. He says exactly what you want to hear. As in a fairy tale

If you heard during the day that you met all that you have not heard in your entire life of all men together, this is also a reason to reflect. The task of the seducer is to provoke a storm of emotions that miss the head. It has been shown that a common man is not inclined to make excessive oral statements.

6. They met very unusually

If you have the feeling that everything seems to be a movie, it is very unusual, and simply “wow”, then maybe all of this was arranged. What is most important for a seducer is to make you have lots of brilliant emotions to fall into his arms.

7. He always looks divine

Look well groomed, dress clearly thought out and aroma incredibly nice of an expensive perfume. As a general rule, the common men are not so obsessed with their appearance. Anyway, your perfect appearance is not a reason to worry if you are not going along with all the other points, of course.

8. It creates the impression of a very educated and cultured

Again, if you know a man who has a exceptional knowledge, this does not mean that you need a woman for a night and nothing more. You have to be careful if he boasts of his knowledge, and in reality this is very limited. After all, a true connoisseur of poetry clearly can recite more than one poem.

9. He is mysterious

Since time immemorial women are attracted to mysterious men, it was always that way. The less we know, the more we are attracted by the atmosphere of secrecy. The seductive know it and use it well. If you ahogaste under a rain of questions about yourself, but you didn’t hear not one word about the life of your partner, then these in front of a spy or a type that is very reserved, or is a person who is clearly trying to manipulate you.

Bonus: how to behave so as not to be a victim of manipulation

  • If the flow of compliments you, makes you distrust it, feel free to ignore it. The same applies to the finishing touches. Keep the person at a distance. After all, if your intentions are serious, you just you will increase your interest. And a simple seducer will go in search of an easier target.
  • Tries to know more about the person, ask questions, and see how it responds to them. If it is grudgingly, and changing the subject to talk about it, this is a reason to reflect.
  • If you have serious concerns, try not to immediately answer phone calls and prosponer the appointment. Such actions repelerán you are trying to hunt victims easily.

Remember that our warnings have the character of recommendations and each situation is unique. Especially because the girls have a weapon that never fails: your intuition. And if she says that something is not right, then this is a reason to think. Although, of course, if you are planning to have fun for a night, then relax and do it. And what are your methods for getting the man discovered? I share them with us in the comments!

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