9 Tricks of the stars to lose the extra pounds and keep the line

Famous women take great care of their physical appearance. And, for this very reason, from time to time resort to their tricks most popular when you need to lose weight, or those who use it constantly to keep the line. That is what we want to see just now when several countries are waiting for the summer season.

In Great.guru we invite you to discover the secrets of good body of the celebrities popular. However, keep in mind that, apart from a few schemes are common, you’ll see a few tricks quite risky that we do not recommend to repeat without consulting with your doctor.

Madonna: the diet of the wolf-man

“The diet of the wolf-man”, so is called the power developed on the basis of the lunar calendar. At the start, during the full Moon days and in the first 36 hours during the new Moon you can consume only liquids.

According to experts, different moon phases, since in and of itself influence the metabolism of people and speed up the removal of toxic elements from the body, but even so, we can increase this effect, increasing the amount of water or other beverages that we ingest. The followers of this diet claim that it is possible to lose up to 2 kilos in a day.

Renee Zellweger: ice cubes

One of the tricks that used this popular actress fighting for a ideal body is to suck ice cubes. In fact, if you drink plenty of cold water you would give the same effect, since the body has to expend energy to warm up something cold until it is warm, which, in turn, accelerates the metabolism. As a result, the ice, it has no calories, causes the body to expend energy, which leads to weight loss.

However, it touches to mention that this is an effect quite small. For the most part, the actress uses this method to reduce the feeling of hunger when you have a craving for something not healthy. What helps here is precisely the feeling of “food” in the mouth, while the water simply goes down into the stomach and can’t fool our brain to 100%.

Lady Gaga: whiskey

It was difficult to expect something of this singer. Part of their constant routine in the gym, the young man constantly consumes… whiskey. In one of his interviews, the singer said the following: “I love to drink whiskey when I work. But what happens is that I train every day, so that, often, what I have to do suffering from hangover.”

Well, let’s hope that Lady Gaga has assessed the risks correctly and this variant of weight loss to justify it.

Miranda Kerr: coconut oil

Taking into account the profession of Miranda, it is difficult to overestimate the credibility of the knowledge she has on a body ideal. Let us recall that in 2011, after the birth of their first child (Flynn Bloom son of Orlando Bloom), they surprised all their fans, to upload their new photos of the sessions of Victoria’s Secret where you are not appreciated or minimize the effects of your recent pregnancy (and that’s only a couple of months after giving birth).

Miranda Kerr relies on the properties of the coconut oil. Long since been proved that it can improve the condition of the skin and the hair. But the young man used also for cooking. According to Miranda, this product accelerates very well the metabolism and prevents the swelling of the belly.

Sarah Michelle Gellar: cabbage soup

In reality, it is an entire eating planwhere the main point is the unlimited consumption of cabbage soup. There are a few variations of this dish low in calories, but all of them represent a soup almost insipid made of onion, carrot, cabbage, and other simple ingredients.

Sarah makes this diet prior to some special events and ensures that allows you to lose up to 5 kilos in just 7-10 days. An important thing to keep in mind is that you have to be very careful coming off of this diet to not regain the lost weight in a couple of days.

Heidi Klum: salt English

One of the secrets of the model are the baths with salt English before you leave. The magnesium containing salt, removes stress, and sulfates eliminate toxins from the body by increasing the level of serotonin. It is said that, in addition to all of this type of procedures can relieve migraines, improve sleep and lower the level of anxiety.

But if we speak only of the external effect, Klum makes sure that these baths will help remove the excess fluid from the body and lower the swelling of the belly. And, as a result, the body becomes more slender.

Jennifer Lopez: essential oils

Aromatherapy has been used for thousands of years. Many religions used the essential oils as medical products natural: people inhaled, applied on the skin and up to the took. Jennifer Lopez is a fan of the first variant. Ensures that the fact of inhaling the oil of grapefruit helps to reduce the feeling of hunger and helps you to not overeat.

The idea that grapefruit helps in the fight with the overweight is not new, it became fashionable in the year 1930. If up to that time you had some doubts about it, here you can read the research proving its effectiveness.

Megan Fox: apple cider vinegar

This method is one of the most risky, so you must keep in mind that you can not use if you have gastritis or problems with the liver.

If you see Megan Fox, hardly do not envy their ways sexy, especially taking into account that she is the mother of three children. And even while pregnant, Megan almost not gained weight. One of the secrets of the actress, thanks to which its weight does not exceeds 50 pounds, it is a tradition to drink a glass of water with two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in the morning on an empty stomach. The actress thinks that this normalizes the digestive process, accelerates the metabolism and helps to remove toxins from the body. The doctors also confirmed, but ask you to remember the side effects. So it will be best if you first you see your primary care physician.

Kim Kardashian: the diet of Atkinson

Her second pregnancy was a difficult one for the star, the same Kim says that she went up to 30 kilos. However, 3.5 months later, miraculously lost 20 of them.

Colette Heimowitz, the dietóloga staff of Kardashian, spoke of the diet that helped you lose weight of the star. It turned out to be the famous diet of Atkinson, whose essence consists in sharply reduce the intake of carbohydrates and increase the consumption of proteins.

This diet, among other things, requires a total rejection of the sugar, juices, packages, and pastries, so that change is so rapid it is not magic, but the result of hard work. The dietóloga also mentioned the importance of smart eating: it is not necessary to reach a hungry wild because then they eat more. It is much better to eat little but often and always have healthy snacks on hand.

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