Teachers will tick off the doodles of his students, but he found one that creates stories with them

It is not easy to have an approach with your students. However, a teacher of natural science who taught in grades eighth and ninth of one of the schools thai to girls was a success.

John Zadrozny was able to call the attention of all thanks to a approach extraordinary that he had with her students. He warned that they drew in the leaves of the task. Then, he decided to make “the rule of the red pen”. “If you are going to draw something, I’ll add something of mine to their cartoons”, said John to his students. Since then, the erasures, scribbles and sketches turned into funny illustrations. First the students did their work and then created some drawings.

Great.guru decided to show you the results of this curious experiment.

1. After this how to continue wanting to the zoo?

2. Oh, these women are so resentful!

3. Wow, this is metal, baby!

4. It Pokémon to attack!

5. The teacher of your dreams is better than any dream catcher

You agree that it is very difficult to be strict and serious in school, if you only have 25 years and you are super fun. John likes to draw and entertain with it easily, that is why he has established this rule. He could not imagine that so many people would share in your fun! This interactive method with her students has helped the young master to gain authority and discipline in their students.

6. Where is Mike, it has to be Sulley

7. When the reality has disappointed you

8. Life is pain

9. “Who let out the dogs? Who, who, who, who, who?”

10. It’s good to receive awards even if they are drawings!

What we have to say that the idea of the art collective has been accepted successfully by the students? However, the master is also fond of this hobby, no less than their students. First he shared this experience on the web site Reddit , and then began to share these images in other places, accompanied with thoughts of different topics.

11. “Oh, flip!”

12. “This is a teddy bear without mom osita!”

13. “Have you finished your drawing? No!”

14. Like another version of “Robin Hood”

15. “Yo-ho yo-ho”. Only missing the bottle of rum

The teacher divided her drawings in several categories. To a called it “fun”; to the second, “ingenious”; the third, “well-crafted”, and the last, “more or less”. Also in your ranking are their “personal favorites”. Then, based on these criteria, created albums. In total, have been published 21 albums on your site.

16. “What he will grow… normal?”

17. This is the example of how it looks like a goose business

18. Yes, we all need knowledge, and the penguins also

19. New day means new cut

20. And here we have John

The activity of John attracted the attention of teachers and parents. He even started a challenge in which invites those who wish to send your e-mail sketches for children to complete. And the participation was too much.

The wording of Great.guru believes that this teacher really deserves attention and love. What about you what do you think?

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