All of us were picking the same things in school and these are 19 of them

When we were children we dreamed of going to school to feel great. And it all seems to have been in tune with our dreams, but life likes to make their corrections. invites you to come back to feel nostalgic for the school and remember the problems of the past with a smile.

19. The first day of school, when you realize what is waiting for you

18. Yes, the menu in the school cafeteria is so… unexpected and ruthless

17. When your attitude toward the task completely coincides with the opinion of your cat

16. When you decide to experiment with your style and you look at the closet of your older sister

15. When the teacher takes a long time to explain the issue, but you already know everything

14. Just explain to your teacher that your homework suffers an accident terrible…

13. There comes a time when your classmate already is not enough

12. When at the last moment say to your parents that you need a costume for a children’s party

11. Sometimes it is easier to do two math tests to run 1 kilometer in the sports class

10. When the teacher of biology has decided that the classes should be illustrative

9. There are two types of students

8. When falls the first snow and don’t want to go back to school

7. When you know well that since you’re a teenager, but still do not know what to do with this knowledge…

6. The school teaches us patience and tolerance

5. When your teacher reviews his strategy of a “test and perfect”

4. No one was insured against fantasy unbridled photographers

3. When your teachers in a vain attempt to understand what it was that you drew

2. When you are excited to have a class of chemical

1. And, finally, when you start the school year and you no longer have to go to school!

What was it that you teased at school? I share it in the comments!

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