AA Battery Gum Wrapper Lighter (Video)


Build a makeshift lighter. This sounds like a good idea, right? I managed to find tons of ways to do this. Here is my favorite.

Get a gum wrapper or the lining of a cigarette pack and cut a small sliver off the end, roughly about a quarter of an inch in width.
Now grab that sliver and fold it over itself once. Get some scissors and at a 4-5 degree angle cut out a triangle leaving a little bit of space at the end
to keep the pieces connected.

Alright, you’ve got your wrapper, now you need a battery. AA is best but a tripple A, C or even D will work as well.

Touch the negative end of the battery to the one end of the wrapper and get that center piece under some kindling. When you are positioned,
touch and hold the other end of the wrapper to the positive contact point. A small flame will erupt from the wrapper and if you are quick you can
light something else from it, like a candle or some paper.

So that’s it a simple survival lighter should you ever find yourself in the woods with a battery and some gum.

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