Down with the dull eunuchs! I Aplaudid always a libertarian!

The philosopher, writer and thinker Antonio Escohotado, offered some days ago a keynote address at a conference on public health in Madrid driven by the INCS. During his intervention Escohotado confessed to taking years without a visit to the doctor, and it showed, as it has done on other occasions, in favor of the decriminalization of the drug.

Escohotado shared their wisdom, experiences and closeness with the numerous attendants of this congress. “The hospital is an extension of the church, is a joke,” he said just before asking the attendees to give ourselves to the task “the truth” and knowledge. “Nothing is achieved in the term of knowledge with learning. Only the delivery magnánimamente to the task of truth will find something… and it will take decades.”

The philosopher complained of having been “so many years of thinking that communism was the way of the heart”. For Eschotado, it makes no sense to start an investigation to ratify a conclusion, but rather that there is research without dictate the outcome. On this, he said that The capital of Marx “seem to research but it is confirmation. The only thing I knew before writing the book was the final conclusion”.

The author of, among other books, the enemies of The trade, encouraged attendees to trust “in you yourselves, being honest with yourselves. Everything worthwhile is the opposite of our belly button. Study is to put aside the ego. The other, the vastness of the unknown,” reflected Escohotado, who concluded by praising the concerns and force of the auditorium young man who listened and encouraged them to clap at libertarians: “you Are the hope, continually hope is renewed. When I was your age, he would have applauded always a libertarian! Letdown the dull eunuchs!” he cried while receiving a standing ovation.

In addition to the presence of Escohotado, the congress of the ICNS offered the keynote presentations of other experts such as professor of analysis and research design from the University of Copenhagen, Peter Gotzsche, the coordinator of bioethics of the SEMFYC Abel Novoa, David art Dealer, and the director of ICNS Alfonso Bordallo.

Other presentations were made by digestive surgeon Álvaro Campillo, David Marchante and Marcos Vazquez, completed with round tables. ICNS organized a congress other than what is usual in medicine and sanitation, independent, unorthodox, and without sponsorships from pharmaceutical industry or food.

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