Grandmother of 83 years, he wrote a message to your friend and you should read it before it’s too late

For some, life is a race. A race for a new position, for a perfect figure, for the best deals on the super. In this competition crazy at times there is not a minute to stop, look around and say: “How pretty!”. Sometimes this sense of harmony never comes, and sometimes it comes suddenly when it is already too late. For example, when you have 83.

In saw a letter from a grandmother to her friend and we could not stop sharing it. Because you must understand what you are talking about as soon as possible. Otherwise, it may be too late. The last sentence deserves to be written on an adhesive sheet and hung in a visible place.

“Dear Bertha,

Each time I read more and clean the dust less. Spend time on the patio enjoying the view, not worrying about the weeds growing in the garden. Spend more time with my family and friends and work less.

If possible, you should enjoy life, not just tolerate it. Now try to realize this and start to appreciate it.

Already not saving me. I use my porcelain cups special occasions, as they are half a kilo lost, the cleaning of the bathroom or the first bloom of a lily.

I wear the most beautiful clothes when I go to the market. I think that, if I am successful, I will be more easy to spend money.

I don’t expect an important opportunity to use my favorite perfume. I put it on even if I go to the bank or to the hospital.

I do not use the phrase “some day” and “one of these days.” If something is worth seeing, listening or doing, I want to see, hear and do right now.

I don’t know that would make other people in my place, but they will not be here tomorrow. We believe that life is something unconditional. I think that would have invited all the members of their families and some friends. Perhaps they called someone and had asked forgiveness for his words and acts of the past. I like to think that they are going to a good restaurant where they serve their best food. What I can deduce, but I will never know.

Are some of those details that I didn’t. I would have regretted much not to write to my loved ones all the important words that I’d like to tell. And it hurts me to much to were few the times that I said to my husband and to my parents how much I wanted to.

I try not to save and not to postpone what you could add laughter and happiness to my life.

And every morning when I open my eyes I say to myself that this day will be special. Every day, every minute, every breath truly is a gift.

Maybe life has not proved to be the game that we would like to play. But while we are here, we can dance.

Do you live life at a pace quick? Please share in the comments, let us live in harmony with ourselves and with the outside world!

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