Riddle to the more observant: Can you find all the errors here?

Do you want to feel like a real Sherlock Holmes? Then take a good look at this image and think if everything is as it should be.

Great.guru invites you to find 26 errors and inconsistencies. It is not as easy as it seems.

Hint: Pay attention to the logic of what happens. In this image there are many details inconsistent that should not be (see, for example, the field). Good luck in your search! If you want to discover the answer, click on the image: turn and tell you what is wrong there.


  • The wind is blowing at the same time in different directions: the smoke goes to the right, the branches will incline toward the left.
  • Can’t set the season of the year: the trees have no leaves, others yes.
  • The field is being sown and harvested at the same time.
  • The horse does not have a yoke, but it does have a saddle.
  • The horse walks towards the part of the field is already plowed.
  • There is No one to hold the plough.
  • In the field grown trees.
  • The pine (the most high) has a branch of another tree.
  • The light of the sun falls differently: the shadow of the person looks to one side, the dog, to the other.
  • The shadow of the door is wavy, not straight.
  • The door has 5 horizontal boards, but only 4 cast shadow.
  • The door has no hinges or other devices to be opened.
  • The bush grows right on the fence.
  • The house has no door.
  • The curtains of the windows are on the outside.
  • The person is too large in comparison with the house.
  • The dog is too large in comparison with the sheep.
  • A sheep missing a leg.
  • The other has a black tail, similar to the tail of the dog.
  • The sheep are reduced disproportionately from the first plane towards the second.
  • Some objects do not have shadow.
  • The yard is only fenced on one side.
  • The lake is above the horizon line.
  • The cart with hay in the background is taller than the person.
  • The car to the side of the house is missing a wheel and a handle (if it is broken, it is a mystery why it is in the middle of the shed, which will store the hay from the field).
  • The chimney of the roof is of the same material as the roof.

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