Accuse Xiaomi and Huawei allow companies swiping your users

One of the great advantages of many firms of chinese smartphones is its quality ratio/price in comparison with other brands like LG, Samsung, Google, HTC or Apple, a situation that has brought them to brands such as Xiaomi, Huawei and OPPO, to position itself within the 5 companies that most smartphones sold in the world today.

However, research published by The Wall Street Journal reveals that the chinese companies Huawei and Xiaomi, as well as the american company Blu allow espie to its users and is marketed with your personal data thanks to the penetration we have in the various emerging markets with the selling of economic devices.

According to the renowned half-american, users are not notified of this activity, so that they are violating your privacy. Likewise, the publication reveals that these companies are working closely with companies advertising for mobile devices such as the taiwanese GMobil, accused of pre-installing a software, mainly in low-end devices, which has the capability of access to different codes (such as the number, IMEI and MAC address) of the device.

The Wall Street Journal reveals that the security company, Upstream Systems, was the one who found the activities of GMobil, and your goal is to get data such as the geographic location, and thus be able to send the user targeted advertising. To change the information, GMobil provides them to the manufacturers software and firmware updates free of charge.

Launch alert new malware mining/ransomware

Both Huawei as Xiaomi have denied this accusation, saying that they have no connection with GMobil, and that they would not allow another company access to sensitive data from their phones to their benefit, at least not without the consent of the user.

According to Upstream Systems, GMobil must have an agreement with approximately 100 manufacturers of inexpensive devices, in addition to that it is expected that the spy software is active in close to 2 thousand different models, mainly in countries like India, Brazil, Pakistan, Vietnam and China.

This is not the first time that there is a similar case, especially in emerging markets where smartphones are affordable have an important insight into the market.

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