Guess who is already trolleando to Google and making a mockery of the notch of the Pixel 3

Samsung has already created the reputation of always making fun of the Apple phones both in social media as in videos. But that’s not to say that the hyundai brand can’t ‘trollear’ to others.

Trollean Apple, with video showing “how they were created,” the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max

Google presented yesterday smartphones Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL we can say that they compete directly with the Galaxy Note 9 and the samsung Galaxy S9. Samsung has not kept quiet and wasted no time in making fun of the notch.

Speaking of the hardware, Google has joined the list of manufacturers of phones that resemble the iPhone. its Pixel includes a notch that contains two front-facing cameras.

Although Samsung has still not created a video to mock, as it does with Apple, the official account of the brand in the united States has been quite communicative about it. The Twitter account @SamsungMobileUS has not ceased to criticize the Pixel 3 from the moment Google presented.

Samsung hints that the notch is so big that “you Could land a plane on it”.

And to be the only manufacturer of Android devices that has not copied the notch, the social media team of Samsung dares to say that not everyone was born to lead.

Samsung did not let the opportunity pass to remember why it considers that their devices are superior.

Despite the criticism, it seems that Samsung will forget that their phones are still depending on the system Android -Google- to operate. and Partners.

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