Adobe developed AI capable of detecting images “photoshopeadas”

Digitally altered images are a thing of every day, from the covers of magazine to girls alterations more sophisticated to create fake photos about things that never happened. Fortunately, Adobe is already working on an Artificial Intelligence that identifies the images that have been retouched.

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Although it is still in the experimental phase, the new Artificial Intelligence Adobe will be able to identify the alterations that have been made digitally, that seem to minimum. The AI works by detecting if any deleted object from an image, if it has moved position or site, or if an object has been added.

The technique used by this Artificial Intelligence is ingenious because it uses the sudden changes in noise, colors, glare or in general any non-conformities produced in the image by programs such as Photoshop, ironically, created by Adobe.

The paradox of the whole matter is that the Artificial Intelligence of Adobe can identify almost any intervention that is made in images, although probably not if it was made by another Artificial Intelligence precisely because these other IA have been trained to the details that make note that one image has been modified not to notice.

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