Slimmed down Windows 10 Lean to dive on

Microsoft is experimenting with a mysterious Windows version under the name Windows 10 Lean. That discovered a user during a clean installation of a test version of the operating system.

There are still a lot of questions around the Windows 10 Lean (English lean), but it seems to be a slimmed down edition. So there is no default desktop wallpaper, and there are a few missing programs such as registry editor and the Microsoft Management Console. Also some drivers are missing, such as that for cd – and dvd-drives.

The installation takes all of 2 GB less space than the normal Windows 10 (Pro). Programs are loose to install, unlike Windows 10 S. That only allows the installation of apps from the Microsoft Store. Windows 10’s turned out, anyway, is not such a big success, because it would in the future be replaced by a S-mode in regular versions of the operating system.


Windows 10 Lean popped up as the first on in version 17650 of the Insider program. Users who for the Skip Ahead option to choose, get the newest features first. That could mean that Windows 10 is Lean and is part of the Windows update that is planned for the autumn term, but Microsoft may be the for that time just as well again delete.

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