Now Sony would be studying to launch a PlayStation Mini

While in the TV are refriteando the classic cartoons of the last century , and several consoles are relaunching their versions most successful in format mini, few can argue that nostalgia is good business. The echoes of the cash registers seem to have gotten through to Sony, which hinted that they have studied the possibility of re-launch of the PlayStation 1 in format mini. What we do not know yet is the how.

Nintendo gives a clue about the existence of the Nintendo 64 Mini

“Our company is always looking for our goods of the past. I think that there are many ways of making a console classic. There have been discussions in the company about what time of console we want,” said John Koder, president of Sony Interactive Entertainment, in an interview that it is causing noise in the specialized media.

This is not want that has helped pave the way towards a PlayStation Mini, but it at least makes it clear that the company is aware of the popularity of the mini consoles and that may well be encouraged to launch his own.

“There is nothing that we can talk at this time [on this subject]. We are constantly recovering licenses of the past, and I think there are several ways of doing this [launch a console retro]. In fact, we have had discussions –at the national level– on how it could be done,” added Kodera.

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