Now users report problems to load the iPhone XS ⚡

The iPhone XS and XS that can cost up to 35 thousand pesos, do not seem to load properly when the screen is off. The buyers of the iPhone XS now report not being able to load up their new phones in the forums of MacRumors and Apple.

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Some users say that when you connect the phone when it is locked or at rest, and thus with the screen turned off, it does not receive load. Smartphones affected begin to be loaded only when the screen is active or when you disconnect and connect the charger several times.

The way in which users began to realize, was to the left connected during the night, to realize in the morning that were out of battery.

While users in social networks already named this problem “Chargegate”, Apple is still silent about it.

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The video blogger Lewis Hilsenteger discovered this problem and decided to make a video to test the phone and check to see if there was some truth in the complaint.

In the video of their YouTube channel shows that the iPhone Xs only loaded when they are with the screens active or lit. So I connect the phone without making sure that they are active would cause this problem. and Partners.

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