Now YouTube will warn you if you have plagiarized your original videos

In times of high competition in Internet content, the good ideas are invaluable. The problem is that the plagiarism of content is with everything and with so many apps available web download videos, YouTube is one of the platforms most attacked by hurtadores of material.

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That is why, the video platform owned by Google announced the arrival of Copyright Match, a tool designed for creators and developers who notifies the authors of videos when your material has been plagiarized.

This tool, which was announced in the blog of YouTube, allows users that have more than 100,000 followers on his channel to receive notifications in the event of the platform to identify matches between videos of different authors. The only condition to be “owner” of the material, and who receives the notices is that you may have been the first user who has uploaded that video.

It is noteworthy that YouTube Copyright Match only detect uploaded content in copy integrates and does not notify you in the event that you only have used fragments. In the event that you detect a fraction of your clips used without permission, you’ll need to report it using the form of copyright official YouTube.

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In the event that the tool encounters an uploaded content improperly and you decide to request its removal, you can do so in a period of 7 days from their detection. This type of applications will be reviewed thoroughly to ensure that they comply with the copyright policies of YouTube.

How does it work?

The operation of Copyright Match Tool is simple. Once a creator uploads a video, Copyright Match will scan other videos uploaded to YouTube to find those that may be equal or similar.

When there is a match, the owner of the video will receive a notice and you have several options:

  • Directly contact the person who uploaded the video without his consent.
  • Contact YouTube to remove the video.
  • Do not do anything.

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