AirDots of Xiaomi: the direct competence of the AirPods

A manufacturer of mobile phones has joined the competition of wireless headphones with their own model: AirDots of Xiaomi.

The reason of this release, in addition to entering the competition against Apple, Honor and Huawei, is to have a version of their own that prove the quality that Xiaomi has at the time of creating their products.

According to this, is that the AirDots of Xiaomi are designed for users to prefer over all the others, because it has features that make it stand out, from its weight to its durability:

  • Weight of 4 grams
  • Bluetooth connection 5.0
  • Compatibility with versions from 4.2 onwards
  • Battery of 40 mAh in each hearing aid
  • Durability with 12 hours of playback
  • Full charge in 90 minutes
  • Touch pad for control of multimedia playback

Also, they have a very affordable price which can be its main attraction: 30 dollars, or what could be 596.05 pesos approximately.

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In the same way this one of his strong points that makes you different and better than the AirPods Apple, the decrease of the ambient noise that turns out to be essential for some users who wish to purchase some new wireless headphones.

However, and although many would like to obtain them right now you can not, because the AirDots of Xiaomi are available only in China, but is expected to soon reach other countries albeit with a higher cost. and Partners.

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